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A Hard Pill To Swallow: How Adrian Koehler Enhances Leadership With Truth

The crisis in the world’s job market speaks volumes about leadership across the globe. Dismissive and antisocial behavior from executive teams may have been acceptable in 2019, but now it tends to stick out like a sore thumb to potential clients and new hires alike. The time has come to take accountability. In the words of Leadership Engagement Expert and Cofounder at Take New Ground, Adrian Koehler, “all business problems are human problems.”

Koehler launched Take New Ground, a global executive coaching and training firm, in September 2016 with Dan Tocchini. Drawing on his diverse experience in medicine, ministry, philanthropy, and activism, Adrian developed a natural talent for turning difficult situations into opportunities for growth. Now he pours this talent into his position as a leadership engagement expert and executive coach, instructing brand owners and executives on improving leadership techniques. Adrian is also a co-host on two podcasts: The Naked Leadership Podcast and Raising The Bar.

Koehler and Tocchini stepped into the market with one major goal: turn “Leadershit into Leadership.” In order to do so, they’ve had to overhaul traditional methods used by leadership consulting firms. Similar services prefer plugging up leaks rather than getting to the root of the problem, then once things appear stable, they paint an unrealistically pretty picture of the future.

Meanwhile, TNG stands outside of the crowd with an ironclad zero-bullshit policy. They’ve come to be known by clients as the most brutally honest consulting firm on the face of the earth, the “secret weapon” of leadership mastery. They don’t waste time and get straight to the heart of issues in business productivity, which is more often than not human error left ignored or unnoticed. Adrian and his team and TNG coach executives, coordinate leadership teams, and produce real organizational change with a client-centric program designed to be applied in reality not just in theory.

The true challenge that Koehler and Tocchini face in their profession is finding leaders that are genuinely willing to take the first step. It takes a great amount of courage to accept one’s flaws and unpleasant realities, which is key in overcoming weakness and creating real and sustainable change. Once this is acknowledged, the core issue becomes transparent and making the necessary changes seems as natural as breathing.

To this end, Koehler offers a few tips to those aspiring to start their own business while embodying true leadership:

1.   Get Clear – Too many people start a business without a clear-cut path in mind. This results in unrealistic expectations that cause tension when they aren’t fulfilled. Take the time to brainstorm, consult with the experts, and come up with a tangible goal for the future of your brand.

2.   Get Real – Don’t suppress your weaknesses – embrace them. If your business plans don’t give you at least a little bit of imposter syndrome, they aren’t ambitious enough for you. Find drive in your anxieties rather than allowing them to consume you.

3.   Get Generous – True success doesn’t come to those unwilling to share it. What’s more, a single person can only accomplish so much. Include people in your vision who make up for your weaknesses and facilitate your strengths. Leaders know that they’ll go much further by linking arms with other experts and empowering other leaders.

Currently, Koehler and the TNG team are working diligently to influence as many leaders as possible. Soon they will be releasing the next installment of their growing event, The Impact Series, in which Alli Webb, Co-Founder of Drybar and President of Canopy, will be headlining, along with Sarah Benken of The Know Women Network in Los Angeles. They will also be initiating The Revenant Process in November, a gym in Los Angeles geared towards enhancing human potential. What’s more, they will be continuing to make great content, such as the Naked Leadership Podcasts, which recently surpassed its 100th episode. 

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