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Carlos Santos – the billionarie behind the success

Always give 200%. When you doubt yourself” – Carlos Santos

Carlos Santos is no stranger when it comes to managing a global financial organization. It is one of life’s most formidable yet stressful tasks. Over time, Carlos has proven himself to be a master of his craft, successfully leading Ethos, which he founded in 2012, and driving Ethos out of the challenging times, making it shine like a supernova—ultimately making it one of the most premium financial organizations in the world today. At Ethos Asset Management, Carlos supervises the group’s firm and is a stakeholder in them. Carlos is a passionate individual, and he is constantly striving for success. His awards and accomplishments have made him a worldwide business leader and billionaire It didn’t take long for him to be a self-made billionaire. At the age of 24, Ethos worldwide growing through the leasing of his own developed algorithm of trading made Carlos Santos one of the youngest self-made billionaire in history and today estimated net worth of $2 billion.

Since its foundation in 2012, Ethos has been able to accumulate wealth. As a result, its trading algorithm and the funds accrued because of the royalties and profits. Carlos Santos is one of the youngest billionaire entrepreneur in the world. And The tycoon is the founder and chairperson of the Ethos Group, which is worth 52 Billion USD and is present in 72 countries through its six companies in the USA, Portugal, UK, Portugal, Brazil, South Africa, and Turkey. Carlos is a living example of a workaholic. His hard work paid off when Ethos flourished and made him the wealthiest yet one of the most successful person in the world today.

“Always give 200%. Reflect on how far you have come when you doubt yourself, and always try again. When you lose, don’t let your head or heart go down. Commit yourself to not repeating such a loss, and know that you are one step ahead of those who haven’t failed yet. They will too.” – Carlos Santos


By the age of 27, Carlos is a billionaire with his self-funded financial company. Carlos relies on revolutionizing the financial sector allowing the risk of investments to be dispersed to a non-related risk of default collateral. The financial guarantee produces the indirect return on the project in question. Suppose the assurance is an SBLC credit facility. In that case, Ethos is subject to receive a Credit line which its bank extends with 80% of the loan to value, or, if the pledge of a deposit of the client in favor of Ethos with its bank in the beneficiary position, allowing the bank to push a credit line with 80% of the loan to value. 


Ethos is devoted to providing exceptional financial services that are categorized for each client individually and delivering with high standards of quality and dedication to the triumph of the client. The honesty and professionalism in conducting business define Ethos, with a commitment to always cater to their customers with the utmost respect. In the end, it provides the shareholders with profitable returns. Allowing the company to generate capital and wealth for its customers and the communities it serves. This, in return, serves the customer to compete successfully in the market for the most qualified experts. 


Carlos holds a bachelor’s degree in economics, a master’s degree in accounting, taxation, and corporate finance from Libson School of Economics and Management, and certifications in banking accounting and international tax. Carlos has worked at Banco De Portugal (BdP) and received positions in the ​​Monetary and Financial Statistics and the Centralization of Credit Responsibilities Sections of the Statistics Department. He won the outstanding student award from 2012 to 2014 and the Banco De Portugal (BdP) award in 2015. Carlos has received awards like the Portugal Best Economic Award in 2016, the E&Y award in 2018, and the best professor award in 2019 and 2020.


The Ethos cofounder and CEO became a millionaire in 2012 at age 18. Through the strong relationships and networks of one of his first partners, who was very close to the biggest investment firms in USA, Carlos was able to lease his algorithm. By doing so he began, with its partners, to build a very significant reputation which brought him closer to working with many other Investment Funds. His first contract with one of the biggest Investment Firms in the world was for an investment of US$ 36 Million in their brokerage accounts and he was remunerated with 25 % of the Profits. It didn’t take long for him to make the leap from self-made millionaire to billionaire. At the age of 24, trhoguth is source of funds in royalties from leasing trading algorithm and income from financial trading. Today Carlos estimated net worth is $2 billion.

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