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Music is the language of the soul. For thousands of years, humans have been creating songs and symphonies which enthrall, inspire, and hypnotize—dating back to the Medieval and renaissance, including Beethoven and Mozart. Human history is closely entwined with musical notes. It is not a big surprise that music profoundly affects the human mind. Music plays a role in relaxing, gives goosebumps, and helps us escape into our world of imagination. Music makes us feel energetic, powerful and inspired. According to a 2017 study, the favorite songs activate the part of the brain as many addictive substances. Does that mean music is an addictive substance? Not quite, but some people develop the craving for the way music makes them feel. At the same time, music may be one of the healthiest addictions. But, it is essential to keep any craving under the radar. 

Among the legendary musicians who have cemented their legacy through their contribution to the world of music, Anthony Wayne Jiles’s name certainly shares the list with them. Better known by his stage name Ant, Jiles was born in the bay city of Michigan. With his exceptional talents and a long resume of working with notable legends in the music industry, with the likes of the late renowned Nate Dogg, MC Eiht, DJ Slip (Compton’s Most Wanted), and Willie Z (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air music director), amongst many others. Ant is now creating a stir in the world of music. The first rap group billed from Phoenix, Arizona, Global Mayhemm, was produced by Ant and received national recognition. To this day, Ant has produced seven successful albums for rising artists. In addition to being a producer, Ant is an engineer, writer/composer, and choreographer. 

Ant’s The Giant Inspirations

Ant received his musical inspiration through the work of notable producers such as Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones, Pharell, Rodney Jerkins. According to Ant, “These well-known artists are the epitome of passion, determination, and complete professionalism.” In addition, Ant acknowledges the staunch support he has had from attorneys John Smith and Tim Wright throughout his career. Ant is all about the production of high-quality content that holds a variety of musical styles.  


Anthony is the founder of Beatsbyjm, the ultimate music venue to quench the thirst and hunger of young, hungry musicians. Ant has motivated and acted as a tunnel for other artists to go through him and achieve their goals in their musical pursuits under his seasoned career of producing music for over 25 years. Anthony has been in the industry for many years and understands that going out as a solo artist is crucial, but blending in with the band is even more critical. Getting along will get you more fame than playing nicely and in the appropriate style.

The Evolution Of Music

Music has evolved over the years, and various types of music have been introduced, each requiring its own set of skills. For instance, hip-hop artists need to be able to rap, while pop singers need to be able to sing and dance. As the demand for different types of music has grown, so does the need for skilled musicians. This has led to booming music industry, with more opportunities than ever for aspiring artists. From Elvis Presley through Prince, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and Drake, music has redefined itself with every decade passed. 

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