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Ace Rose Named “Rising Artist of the Year” for 2022

Pictured Above: 2022 Los Angeles Tribune Rising Artist of the Year: Ace Rose

Today it has been officially announced that the annual “Rising Artist of The Year” is given to one individual that is moving at a fast pace in the direction of impact in the global music industry. This year’s award winner is a talented and expressive artist who goes by “Ace Rose”

When it comes to determining who earns this award each year our editorial team focuses on one element that Ace Rose happens to embody more than any other artist that was considered. That element is uniqueness. Rose has his own style, sound, and swagger.

Check out his single “Show Me” for an example of what this creative rising star can produce.

When listening to Rose’s single it is hard not to have the chorus repeat constantly in one’s head

“Show me how you’d really work it
If you were mine

Please don’t call
If I leave you on the phone line

Why your man jealous
Of the way I roll around?

Sorry babe
I’m not the type that’ll keep you around”

We give “Show Me” a full five stars.

Pictured Above: A signed Certificate naming Ace Rose the Rising Artist of the Year for 2022

After listening to Ace Rose, watching his style, and appreciating him as a true artist there is no double he has earned the award for rising artist of the year. We are excited to see what happens next in the career of this modern day artist.

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