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Entrepreneur and Author Jerry Becerra Shares the Story Behind His Success

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Do you need to take on a particular personality? Is there some gene that sets people up for business success? Not according to Jerry Becerra, author, and entrepreneur. In a world where the phrase “I want to be my boss” is the new normal, Becerra asserts that only the ones willing to do the work eventually succeed in business. A few years ago, he continually faced the struggle of identifying his purpose and what he was cut out for. Ever since he identified his purpose, he has scaled his company from the root into one of the most successful solar companies operating in 33 states across the United States. He shares the story behind his success as practical tips for those looking to follow their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Like many people, Becerra was fascinated by how business works and always wanted to be an entrepreneur. His fascination with business continued into adulthood and led him into the solar energy space. Becerra’s goal has always been to solve clients’ problems and help them make the most of their solar products by offering many value-added services most buyers fail to provide. With the increased demand for solar products in recent years, Becerra saw a gap in the market and leveraged it to create a successful business. His company,, is a leading company in its field and was the start of what he grew into multiple successful businesses over time. However, it was not a smooth ride to the top.

For starters, standing out was not an easy feat. Other service providers had already established themselves before Becerra joined the industry. That meant that Becerra had to opt for a different strategy if he wanted to grow his brand organically and scale it within a short time. Part of that strategy was hiring capable people and giving them access to the tools that made his team effective in their work. This training enabled the team members to be effective at sales, relationship building, and maintenance.

Integrity and honesty are other factors that have made Becerra’s company successful. He believes that integrity is an uncompromisable attribute he looked out for; he added that he prefers to recruit an average person with integrity than an excellent one with character issues. In many cases, Becerra goes for genuine people who never had great chances in many job opportunities but are motivated to go the extra mile. The result is a dedicated team willing to go the extra mile for their customers and with better prospects than when they first began working. Becerra understands the work can be quite a lot; however, seeing the difference he makes in his employees’ lives is worth the effort; therefore, he draws his strength from this. 

The success of his first company inspired Becerra to spread his wings in the business world. He opened, which supports homeowners in quickly getting the best prices on their homes. Like, this company aims to turn unfortunate situations around and allow clients and employees to better their lives. Becerra credits that to his father, who instilled in him values that would serve him well as an adult: responsibility, integrity, and compassion for others.

While life has its challenges, Becerra had his fair share when he lost his father in 2019. Consumed by grief, he took 30 days off to mourn him and regroup. Becerra resumed operations to embark on a journey to honor his father and expand his business across multiple states. Becerra took this occurrence as a learning curve that taught him about navigating painful seasons and triumphing, lessons he has chronicled in his new book set to release in the second quarter of 2023.

To hear more from Becerra and stay up-to-date with his latest projects, you can check him out at the following links:

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