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Bliss Fitness Founder, Basha Doto, Talks About Reinventing Yourself 

Fitness is all about being consistent in progress rather than chasing perfection. There are several misconceptions about a fitness journey that makes people feel like it’s a challenge. People associate fitness with dieting and rigorous workouts, whereas the real story has so much more to it. It is about regaining confidence, finding self-esteem, feeling body-positive, learning new skills, developing a community feeling, and most importantly, building a strong mindset to achieve any goal. Basha Doto, a fitness coach, mother, and wife, has been leading the way for other women in this inspiring journey. 

Basha is a health and fitness enthusiast whose idea of a healthy lifestyle begins with regaining self-confidence. She founded Bliss Fitness Studio in 2020, which has already won the title of “Best of Space Coast Fitness Studio.” Basha is also a professional athlete and bikini model at WBFF. She has won several amateur bikini competitions and amateur fitness competitions under WBFF in 2022, further scaling up her career in the health and fitness industry. 

Basha has also been published as a fitness model in Fit and Firm Magazine issues number 52, 53, and soon to be 54 after competing as a pro in the Las Vegas World’s competition this coming August. She has now diversified her training as an athlete while also expanding her business as a health instructor, nutrition coach, fitness model, and healthy lifestyle influencer. 

From starting her studio only 5 weeks before the pandemic shutdown to keeping the business afloat during the crisis and returning to business as usual, Basha has been through a lot in the last couple of years. She eventually scaled up her business, launching Bliss Fitness Studio Performance Series and Showcase. She has also expanded Bliss Fitness Studio by opening a branch in Melbourne in 2020 and another in Suntree in 2022. The reason behind the escalating growth of Basha’s fitness studios is her unique approach to fitness for modern women. She doesn’t believe in individual improvement but in growing together as a community through mutual support. 

Under Basha’s passionate guidance, Bliss Fitness Studio has become an incubator of modern femininity for women. Modern women regard Basha as an idol when it comes to fitness and work-life balance. Helping them transform their bodies while rebuilding their self-confidence is her mission in life. The fitness studio offers a range of activities to make workouts fun for everyone. This includes pole and aerial dancing, which can be truly interesting for beginners. Basha has been the judge at a national level for the Pole Sport Organization since 2019. 

Raised in a family that values support and togetherness, Basha is now spreading these ideologies to other women. Her gift in life lies in the joy of giving to others, which is where she finds her job most fulfilling. Apart from making women physically strong, Basha focuses on helping them develop a strong mindset. She doesn’t want her clients to stick to mathematics or mechanics to achieve their goals. It is more about building their self-confidence to make them believe their goals are achievable. 

Women at Bliss Fitness Studio are no longer Basha’s clients but a community that inspires each other physically and mentally on a transformational journey. The pounds shed are only a by-product of the self-growth they achieve as a community. 

Basha wants to continue her mission with Bliss Studio in the coming years, expanding the holistic approach to fitness through numerous franchises. Besides being one of the best fitness and nutrition coaches in the world, Basha dreams of becoming a WBFF queen and launching her fitness apparel brand in the near future.

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