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Corina Curatola’s Love For People Leads her Into the Arms of Network Marketing

Corina Curatola worked hard as a young mother. She bartended—putting in 90 hours a week. Even though she was working a lot, she still struggled financially. She saw her baby’s first steps and first words through video messaging on her phone. Too many of us know this struggle. Too many of us miss the precious moments in life, and we can never get those back.

Luckily for Curatola—she found her match: a hard-working man who created his own wealth. Soon, Curatola was making up for lost time with her daughter and driving luxury vehicles. She wasn’t struggling financially anymore, but she was depressed. She experienced the truth of the saying, “Money doesn’t make you happy.” Curatola is a go-getter, and strives for the very best in her life, so it wasn’t long before she found an opportunity: network marketing.

Corina Curatola knew she had to make a change. She missed her bartending days when she had opportunity to connect to many people daily. She craved the opportunity to help people. Not only did she enjoy waiting on customers, but she connected with them on an emotional level. She wanted to help them in any way she could—which is exactly why she loves network marketing. She can help hundreds of people access financial freedom through her company.

Corina Curatola runs a multilevel marketing business. The focus is on digital entrepreneurship where people can join her company and become self-sufficient. People learn about cryptocurrencies, E-commerce, NFT’s, ALT coins, and so much more. Her company provides the avenue for folks to invest in the markets so they can build their wealth. Of course, it’s not all about the money. “Financial freedom to me just means options…the option to live how I want,” Curatola says, and she knows she’s not alone with that sentiment. She wants others to feel financial freedom too—which is why she does it.

In fact, financial freedom is closely tied with personal development which is why she has recently partnered with IM Mastery Academy. She can reach even more people with the company’s “learn and earn” concept. Curatola says the company “changed the way people can learn financial literacy and put it to use on the financial markets.”

Corina Curatola’s drive comes from knowing her roots. Her family always struggled financially. Her parents were barely getting by. When she was a little girl, she learned that if she wanted to get somewhere, she needed to work hard. She was the first in her family to learn English and go to college. Her success is rooted in working hard, but also her love for people. Those two things are the drivers for her future.

Curatola has big plans for her future. She’s currently working on a luxury streetwear line so she can donate a portion of the profits to non-profits. She’s also spearheading a business to help people create easily sustainable habits. She even hopes to build the largest organization of women traders the world has yet to see. Her work ethic and love for people is what will help her accomplish these things. “I believe in the power of people, in the power of education, and in the power of enriching lives.” Says Curatola.

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