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How GP Transco Continues to Disrupt Trucking Industry with Innovative Technologies, Better Safety Standards and Employee Retention Policies

It all started in 2006 when the company was founded with a vision to disrupt the North American logistic industry with the promise of cherishing the welfare of employees. GP Transco initially operated as a small-scale carrier, which has expanded rapidly into a full-fledged corporation having multiple departments in operations, maintenance, brokerage, and a custom TMS. 

GP Transco now has a roster of over 550 trailers, 410 tractors and 400 drivers across the US and Canada. The company has fully specialized in technological innovation, optimized operations and the highest safety standards.

The company’s success is highly credited to a driver-oriented approach, which optimizes its operations and ensures seamless deliveries. They have deployed a model aiming to empower drivers by granting them competitive pay and benefits. GP Transco has always maintained an utmost level of transparency with drivers and works hand in hand using feedback and input of on-field drivers to improve their service standards.

It all boils down to the company maintaining an impressively high driver turnover rate, about 34%, which is surprisingly low than the average industry’s 95%.

In the same way that GP Transco has high standards for our drivers, they have incorporated even higher standards for other staff. Employees are given feedback on their performance and progress every three months to help them reach their full potential and keep up with the company’s high standards.

Each member of the GP team has had extensive training and development to ensure they have the best possible set of skills and credentials to serve our clients. In addition, each employee is given a training and development budget that can be used to acquire or hone any job-related skills. Therefore, they can attract and retain top-tier talent because of the progressive management approach and the stellar reputation they have crafted and established over the years in the transportation industry.

GP Transco’s skilled and diverse staff can focus on doing their best work because they have access to excellent perks, pay, and working conditions, including a modern headquarters and cutting-edge equipment.

The organization is committed to reducing its environmental impact in many ways, including purchasing custom-built trucks that meet our stringent efficiency standards and implementing cutting-edge technologies and environmentally preferable fluids and chemicals at its fleet maintenance facility.

Not just that, the company has been rewardingly conscious of the environment and recognizes its effort in diminishing carbon footprints. Therefore, the company reached a goal of reducing its carbon footprint and “going green” last year. 

This was observed by an increase of 3.27% mpg, from 7.03 mpg to 7.26 mpg, all credited to the Fuel Utilization Efficiency Leaders program, which financially rewards fuel-efficient drivers. The annual fuel savings are estimated at 205,281 gallons, roughly the volume of three Olympic-sized swimming pools. 

Their efforts resulted in a release of thirty million fewer tons of carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide emissions of this magnitude would take a forest the size of a big metropolis several years to absorb.

Trucks in their roster are powered by electric power units (EPUs), which allow drivers to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer while sleeping in their parked truck without having to leave the engine running and wasting fuel. The fleet management could also fit ten of their semis with solar panels to further lessen the carbon footprint. In addition to these efforts, the company collaborates with a wide range of components and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to test and commercialize state-of-the-art technologies.

The founders of GP Transco have always known that technology would be a major differentiating factor between the company and its competition. When it was started about 16 years ago, most business dealings still occurred on documents or through other antiquated means. 

However, the advent of technology and its incorporation into the logistics business convinced them to shift to a total technologically assisted operations. The company’s founders came to the field from various fields where advanced technology was crucial to daily operations. Most trucking company executives have never held a job outside the transportation sector, making it difficult for them to see the value in implementing practices commonplace in other sectors. 

The standard concepts used in the aviation, finance, software, and IT sectors seemed very innovative and advanced when put in parallel to the trucking business. GP Transco quickly realized there was no reason why a trucking company shouldn’t be operating like the companies in these highly innovative sectors.

GP Transco integrated Samsara Telematics Solutions’ Internet of Things platform that brings dashboard cams and AI-powered tech to track drivers after the two companies formed a partnership. In addition, OpenRoad TMS, the company’s transportation management system platform, was created in the same year. Together, the two systems can monitor things like a driver’s speed, distraction while on the road, and seatbelt use in real-time, as well as their location, hours of service, and the estimated time of arrival for customers via GPS. Also, in Samsara’s annual fleet awards, the company was recognized as the best one to drive for. 

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