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 First Black And Woman Owned Bank Of Beverly Hills, CA —-CEO / FOUNDER , Traci Thomas

ARTICLE : Traci Thomas, is the CEO and Founder, of the first Black And Woman Owned Bank, within Beverly Hills, CA; as, her Private Venture Capitalist Firm, NTT Management Group, Inc funds infinite small businesses, within the United States and Canada ; with, innovative solutions for immediate working capital to accommodate, any and all , currency flow issues. And, in celebration of her accomplishments; also, she just celebrated her 57TH ” BIRTHDAY BASH ” on July 19th; via, a monumental photo session, to break from the demands regarding the Venture Capitalist space.

When asked, how she landed in this industry, she replied, ” ……..The more you do, the more you —CAN DO ” . As, the CEO, expressed her admiration and love for music, children, family, arts, crafts, film, technology, travel, aviation, food, and self care. Traci, also is adamant to state that ” …..I AM compelled to fund and fuel as many business establishments as possible; such that, the enjoyment of all my passions move forward with minimal obstacles and conflicts. “

Furthermore, this ” Beverly Hills Black Beauty ” , is just not just pleasing to the eyes; as, she occupies a well branded brain as well. Her scholastic achievements are commendable, consisting of the following accolades : Harvard University Fin-Tech Graduate; Harvard University Economics; Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society; Aviation Management ( Magna Cum Laude ), National Dean’s List. Additionally, she implies that the Airline Industry is literally within her blood; as, she previously worked at America West Airlines, US Air, and Icelandair respectively .

Lastly, Traci boldly says, ” ……….This is indeed a journey—–a SELF-SERVE planet! Who would think, that my previous past pertaining to FLYING; indeed, would connect with my current life of FUNDING ; also, I am identical to My Late Daddy, Frank E. Thomas, Jr, —-I CAN NOT BE BORED . “

And, with that said, according to this innovative, determined, persistent, disruptive, and unique Bank Visionary, it is assumed that life, and it’s unknown ride, are truly full circle; despite, the seat belts we all wear !

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