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Wooden Finger Studios Ushers in New Age of Production Companies

When creativity, innovation and requisite industry experience come together, the result is a resounding success. With hands in multiple forms of media, Wooden Finger Studios has commanded audience attention with its unique approach to multi-media production. Led by experienced actor, screenwriter, director and producer Ty Gordon, the company saw huge success with its debut short film Harm (2020) and feature film Obscura (2020) and continues to turn heads with exciting new projects in the works.

Joining Gordon on the leadership team at Wooden Finger Studios are Robert Thomas Preston, the Vice President and COO, and Andrew John Lee Tevis, an associate producer. All three bring extensive industry experience in acting, directing and production. This experience, coupled with their collective creativity, has helped the company to realize immediate success and put it on a trajectory to continue making noise in the industry.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Storytelling

Early success with short and feature films is only the tip of the iceberg for Wooden Finger Studios. That is to say, a series of new film releases—what most production studios rely on—is only a single aspect of their overall product strategy. Rather, Wooden Finger Studios is utilizing a multi-faceted approach to storytelling that encompasses various types of media, including short films, feature films, mobile app video games and graphic novels. To date, they have already produced one of each of those forms of media with plans to expand their portfolio in the coming years.

This is a strategy that only the largest production studios have been able to capitalize on. Startup studios typically either use the quality approach—few films but as high quality as possible—or the quantity approach—producing as much content as possible, hoping that something gains traction. Not many have the ambition, acumen or inventiveness to create worlds across media platforms in the same vein as the Stars Wars, Game of Thrones or Marvel properties. But that is exactly what Gordon, Preston and Tevis are endeavoring to do with Wooden Finger Productions—rewrite the rules of the industry and defy the norms that have traditionally held back startup studios.

Productions With Meaning

Part of the authenticity of startup production studios is their personal investments in the products they make. That is particularly true with Wooden Finger Studios, which is committed to captivating narratives with purpose.

Their product portfolio currently consists of four projects: a short film called Harm, a feature film called Obscura, a mobile video game called Ethereal and a graphic novel of the same title. Harm was met with critical acclaim upon its release, and the studio quickly followed it up with Obscura, a feature-length thriller that is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

But what sets Wooden Finger Studios apart from other startups is its development of the Ethereal world, which currently exists as a video game and graphic novel and is being written into a screenplay for a feature film tentatively titled World War III. Set in 2047, Ethereal is the story of a private investigator whose missing person case thrusts him into a much larger mission to defeat insurgents attempting to overrun the country.

Regarding upcoming feature films, aside from the development of World War III, Wooden Finger Studios is expected to release Never Forgotten in 2022 and is in early preproduction for the script of the film California Dreaming, which will be an impactful story about chasing Hollywood ambitions that resonates with Gordon, Preston and Tevis—and likely much of the audience as well.

Ultimately, why Wooden Finger Studios will find the success that other startup production companies fail to see is their fearless approach to business and imaginative storytelling. 

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