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There’s A New Dentist in Town: Lasry’s French Touch On LA

You may know Beverly Hills as a luxurious, upscale city in the LA County of California. Whilst being the home to many familiar faces, shopping street Rodeo Drive, and the expansive Beverly Gardens Park, this area has just gained a new professional on the block…

Lasry Dental Clinic

Dr Samuel Lasry is here to make his mark on the dentist industry within the exclusive area of Beverly Hills. As dentistry goes, individuals couldn’t ask for anyone more skilled for both minor and significant jobs in this industry. Before successfully managing his own Dental Care Clinics in France, Lasry worked to earn over two decades of experience, receiving his postgraduate degree from a dental implantology university in France and even going further with advanced education at Harvard and UCLA. An early passion for public health and a vision to help a variety of people led Lasry to undergo valuable practical training in a French hospital, allowing him to devote his time to one of the planet’s best healthcare systems.

Moving to Beverly Hills

Since Lasry decided to take the plunge and move away from Europe, Beverly Hills has earned itself an incredible new dentist. This man’s international solid expertise in cosmetics and implantology sets him firmly within this westside LA area. He has also become well-established with LA’s French community, always striving to provide a welcoming, relaxed, and professional atmosphere to anyone and everyone – from those wishing to get a simple check-up to those brave enough to take on full-mouth restoration surgery! Whatever a dentist client is after, this man takes pride in providing quality services and exceptional communication to anyone who approaches his business.

From opening his new office in this exclusive, upmarket region, Lasry will surely put his French touch on Beverly Hills. With competitive prices based on Hollywood, Lasry has already managed to attract many well-known celebrities who are all too willing to put their oral health in this practiced dentist’s hands. As someone with so many years of experience and expertise, it’s no wonder that Lasry is capable of preserving the charming smiles of Hollywood’s most familiar faces.

Exploring Lasry further

If you live in the Beverly Hills community or are considering exploring the region more, it might be worth checking out what this exclusive dentist can do for you as an individual. Having already transformed the smiles of so many faces, we can only wonder what Larsy will be capable of once dentistry becomes more advanced in the foreseeable future.

To learn more about Dr Samuel Larsy and his magic touch on dentistry, check out his website for more information and keep smiling today!


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