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Meet COSTOLO: the modern luxury brand pushing the boundaries of the high end jewelry sector

COSTOLO enters the luxury and custom jewelry market from a fresh, innovative angle. Her elemental designs are inspired by the atomic structure of a diamond – something that founder Rose Costolo has been fascinated with for years.

The COSTOLO mission is to transform the sustainability of the luxury jewelry industry, something that may seem like its already been conquered. “It has not.” Costolo tells us. “Tons of trendy fine jewelry companies advertise their created diamonds as sustainable, lab grown, etc. and to a certain extent those products have caught on – which is phenomenal. That said – at the high end level, I’m talking luxury diamond necklaces, designer pieces – there is still a massive disconnect between modern technology and consumer education.” This, she says, is the issue that has yet to be targeted. Customers demand natural diamonds when their product is of a certain caliber “so that it is viewed as rare and exclusive… thus more valuable.” Costolo doesn’t lecture clients on which type of diamond to choose. She simply gives her customers the facts on created diamonds, (or Impossible Diamonds: as Costolo has branded them). Then, clients choose between natural or created diamonds for their made to order pieces. Costolo believes this is the only true way to effect long lasting change in the luxury market. “People are going to buy what they are going to buy. Showing them that there is no structural, visible, or chemical difference between created and mined diamonds is the best method of converting a client.” 

If the name sounds familiar – that’s because female founder Rose Costolo grew up in quite the entrepreneurial household. Her father, Dick Costolo is a serial entrepreneur and former Twitter CEO. 

Costolo’s site sold out of its most expensive pieces in inventory within a week of launch. When asked about her early success – Rose credits her relationship with Angel City Jewelers. Angel City is a celebrity-loved custom jewelry company in LA. The founders at Angel City mentored Rose when she started out learning the industry, and today they partner together on certain projects – something Rose calls a huge honor. 

You won’t find Costolo’s avant-garde designs anywhere else on the market. Her timeless, unique pieces are designed to feel as original as the human they decorate. Catch her work decorating a star studded roster at the Grammys, BET awards, and more. You can shop her inventory or request a one of a kind custom piece at 


Instagram: @costolostudio 


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