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Episcopal Church Foundation’s Endowment Management Program – Bringing Assets to Life 

The Episcopal Church Foundation, founded in 1949, is an independent, lay-led, and inclusive organization that works to build, revitalize, and transform Episcopal faith communities through formation, finance, and resources. ECF’s mission is to be a practical, innovative, and spiritually grounded catalyst, agent, and advocate for transformation, renewal, and growth in the Episcopal Church.

ECF serves the Episcopal Church with a sense of understanding, openness, and joy that is rooted in Jesus, nurtured by tradition, and oriented toward the future. The foundation honors and empowers the wise and compassionate ministry of the laity, the Church’s vital heart. ECF is a self-governing organization that brings people, ideas, and resources from all parts of the Church together. ECF is committed to racial justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Endowment Management Program 

When a church or faith-based organization has an endowment, it allows them to think beyond its annual operating budget and have a greater impact on its community. For over two decades, ECF has been helping churches and other organizations effectively manage their endowments so they can continue to do good work in the present while also planning for the future. 

By working with ECF, organizations are able to make the most of their endowments and carry out their missions more effectively. With ECF’s help, organizations can honor their pasts while also preparing for a bright future.

Here is how ECF can assist you in making the most of your endowment.


ECF is an Episcopal organization, so it understands the faith that drives your work. They share your concern for the future mission and ministry of your congregation and community and are knowledgeable about church governance and decision-making.


ECF has partnered with State Street Global Advisors to provide investment management services, combining the Episcopal expertise of ECF with the investment expertise of one of the world’s largest managers of institutional funds in our endowment management program.


ECF collaborates with you to clarify strategic goals and shape investment plans that match your needs with current investment thinking.


ECF and State Street Global Advisors provide a variety of investment strategies, including active and passive management, socially responsible options, and sometimes shorter-term portfolios, recognizing that clients’ investment objectives may differ.

Fiduciary Obligation

ECF and State Street Global Advisors assume fiduciary responsibility for client funds’ investment management.

Client Service 

Client responsiveness is central to the ECF program, and as a mission-driven organization, ECF is eager to assist you. They offer a variety of programs designed to meet the needs of the community. They also provide support and guidance every step of the way. 


Endowments can grow incrementally through investment returns but exponentially through planned giving and other new gifts, according to ECF. ECF can assist you in establishing and maintaining an endowment-giving program that allows for meaningful gifts.


ECF can investigate and explain how your endowment and invested funds can help you respond to your organization’s and the Episcopal Church’s changing needs.

An endowment provides financial support that will have a long-term impact on your faith community. It can increase the vitality of your Church and strengthen ties with the surrounding community through the ministries that your Church creates and supports.

How is ECF Supporting Churches with the Endowment Management Program? 

The Endowment Management program offered by ECF helps churches to establish and manage endowments. This program provides tools and resources that churches can use to build endowments, including a model endowment policy and templates for creating an investment committee and documenting gifts. In addition, the program offers support for churches as they work to secure pledges and donations. As a result of this program, churches are better equipped to start endowments, which can provide long-term financial stability and support important ministry programs.

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