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Eli and Mike Represent the LGBTQ+ Community in Real Estate 

Being part of the LGBTQ+ community has never been marketable, until recently. Now folks who are part of the LGBTQ+ community can be seen on TV and radio. Eli and Mike are making it a point to be out because now they can– and there’s a whole world of LGBTQ+ representation that is still lacking in business.

Eli Delgado and Mike Vizcarra are entrepreneurs and business owners, and they’re getting married. Together, they own a mentoring business that caters to the LGBTQ+ community. Eli and Mike wanted to ensure that other folks in the queer community get the support they need to excel as entrepreneurs. Aside from that, Eli and Mike are pioneers in real estate and lending.

Real estate and lending have been here for hundreds of years–but the representation of LGTBQ+ in those fields has not. Sometimes clients just want to have a real estate agent who understands them. Eli and Mike can understand them and they are great at what they do. Eli is the co-owner of The Mortgage Guys and together, they own M&E Real Estate Services Inc. M&E Real Estate Services Inc. is a solid firm employing 22+ people to make up their expert team.

Eli and Mike are not just business partners. They’re husband and husband and fathers of two teenagers. Their journey to success hasn’t been an easy one. They both come from poverty-stricken families. They’re both Hispanic and gay which added to their tumultuous beginnings. As our culture shifts and moves toward acceptance, Eli and Mike can become the power couple they always knew they are. Now, the world can see it too. When asked how mindset plays a part in their success, they said, “It’s everything. [It] means going up against all types of conflicts, including haters…”

Eli and Mike want to focus on the details now.  Building their brand and gaining Instagram credibility (like the blue check mark) are little things that will help their business in big ways. They have already come so far. Their business is booming, and they plan to take it to new levels by just being themselves. They hope to cater to celebrities interested in buying real estate. In the meantime, they are getting opportunities in other industries–one being fashion. This is the beginning of many ventures for Eli and Mike.

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