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The Father of Art & Culture

Prince Dr. Antonio Olympia Gellini is the Founder World Film Institute, the Family Film Awards (FFA), The American World Film Awards, and most recently the Olympia Awards 15 Arts of The World. which he obtained the international trade mark for.

Prince Dr. Antonio Olympia Gellini

At the age of 17, Dr. Olympia participated at the Berlin Film Festival and became passionate about films, art, and culture.  He lived in 23 nations, becoming fluent in English and Farsi, before settling down in Beverly Hills, California. 

For over four decades Prince Dr. Olympia has been a fatherpreneur with a mompreneur’s heart.

Dr. Olympia’s lifelong dedication to his vision to bring more unity, joy, and peace to the world through films began when his beloved wife, Parvin died in a tragic car accident. As a widow in his 20’s, Dr. Olympia was left to raise his two daughters on his own. While he poured all his love into his daughter’s lives, he also was committed to making a difference worldwide by first providing family-oriented entertainment and now the global Olympia Awards.

Throughout Dr. Olympia’s travels he attended and participated in a wide variety of international film festivals, film markets, and the entertainment industry. Over the years Dr. Olympia has become an icon and highly respected in both the national and international film community. One of Dr. Olympia’s greatest contributions to the entertainment industry are the Family Films Awards which he founded along with the World Film Institute.

During the 2019 Family Films Awards celebrity line-up, I had the unique opportunity to work closely with the incredible Dr. Olympia A. Gellini and the Executive Producer, Roger Neal.  I was able to witness first hand Dr. Gellini’s passion and dedication to acknowledge the excellence in family-oriented film making focusing on “G” and “PG” rated feature movies and tv shows. The first Family Films Awards was produced by legendary Dick Clark and aired on the CBS Network in 1996. 

Michele A. Wilson and Prince Dr. Antonio Olympia Gellini

This year’s Family Films Award will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary in November.   Billionaire Ms. Xiaoqiu Ma, co-owner of the Family Films Award with Prince Dr. Olympia, will bring epic family entertainment from the US to China. The initiative will feature American family movies, tv, and music such as Oscar-Nominated Tom Hanks ‘“A Beautiful Day in My Neighborhood” and the animated “The Lion King”

As Dr. Olympia continues to impact the entertainment industry globally, the Dr. Olympia legacy will be honored throughout the World via The International Olympia Awards which are 15 Arts categories presented by World Institute. These categories include Dance, Music, Motion Pictures, Painting, Culture, Literature, Theater, Fashion, Humanitarianism, Men and Women, Special Needs, Culinary, Architecture, the Environment, and the Sports of Art.[1]

On June 22, 2002, Dr. Prince Olympia Gellini was proud to announce the International Trademark and licensing of the popular “Olympia Awards”.

Every three years, the “Best Of” each category winner from each country will gather in the United States to participate in a competitive showcase for the “Best of the World” awards. The best from each country will compete based on the 15 Arts sections for the world title. 

This year on October 30th, 2022, Ashkan Tabibnia, the Beverly Hills Olympia Awards President, is proud to announce that the official introduction of the Olympia Awards globally will be hosted in Beverly Hills. 

Prince Dr. Antonio Olympia Gellini and Ashkan Tabibnia

This year on October 30th, 2022, Ashkan Tabibnia, the Beverly Hills Olympia Awards President, is proud to announce the official introduction of the Olympia Awards globally, which is going to be hosted in Beverly Hills. For more information, please contact: 

Ashkan Tabibnia, President of Beverly Hills Olympia Awards & CEO/Founder of 90210 Network. Axel Tillmann, Advisory Board, Beverly Hills Olympia Awards & President of 90210 Network or Michele A. Wilson, VP of Beverly Hills Olympia Awards & Consultant, 90210 Network at

[1] Get News, Dr. Prince Olympia Gellini Announces International Trademark Of Olympia Awards,

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