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MAGISNAT, the Spin-off studying the typical natural molecules of the Mediterranean diet.

A new and innovative spin-off, MAGISNAT (, was established in Atlanta Tech Park (107 Technology Pkwy, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092) as the result of important collaborations between Dr Matteo Bertelli and several U.S. professors, including Prof. Karen L. Herbst, who is working on a pathology of adipose tissue called lipoedema (sci. art. doi: 10. 3390/ijms21176264), Prof. Stephen T. Connelly, who is studying the applications of olive tree polyphenols in the microbiota of the oral cavity (sci. art. doi: 10.26355/eurrev_202112_27336), and Prof. Peng Jin, with whom MAGISNAT has set out to study polyphenols from olive trees in the prevention of the neurodegenerative processes of FXTAS.

The choice for the location of this new Spin-off fell on the city of Atlanta because of the prestigious collaboration between MAGISNAT and Emory University, Atlanta, concerning several studies for the prevention of the neurodegenerative pathology FXTAS.

As a result of the numerous researches that were carried out with the abovementioned professors, MAGISNAT was able to realize three patents, one that is already finalized (number: WO2022079498A1) and two other filed patents, and to promote on the market two Hydroxytyrosol-based dietary supplements.

Now MAGISNAT is slowly entering the U.S., also thanks to its great communication efforts. Three videos, in the form of cartoons, have already been posted on its YouTube channel to illustrate in a fun and simple way the characteristics of its dietary supplements, and a massive press campaign has been made on several American newspapers and blogs. The first video ( explains the role of olive tree polyphenols in strengthening the immune system and the role of vitamins in aiding recovery. The second video ( explains the role of olive tree polyphenols in reducing inflammation. The third video ( explains where the name given to the line of dietary supplements, GARLIVE, came from.

Through these different and important ways, Dr. Matteo Bertelli is trying to reproduce the path taken by a historical figure of the last century, Dr. Achille Bertelli, who moved to San Francisco to develop his chemical-pharmaceutical company and then became an expert in the field, specializing in the extraction of natural molecules and in the production of supplements (video: The goal is to achieve the same success that this historical figure was able to reach.

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