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Author and Mompreneur Stacey Freeman on Overcoming Mom Guilt

As a career woman, unavoidably, there’s bound to be quite a fair share of mom guilt. Many moms struggle with finding the balance between working a job they love and being the perfect mom they envisioned. Many working moms often feel like they are letting their kids, family, or bosses down and sacrificing so much that they have no time left to practice self-care. This was the case for celebrated author and mompreneur Stacey Freeman. 

The mom guilt was slowly eroding Stacey’s confidence and satisfaction with work and family, as she always felt like she wasn’t doing enough. In this session, she shares with us how she overcame mom guilt and found a balance between work and personal life.

While her journey has not been easy, from the onset, Stacey has found the balance, and she now helps other working moms to do so. Stacey Freeman is a mom to two school-age kids, an entrepreneur, and an educator with a Ph.D. in education. She is also an author and content creator. She recently published her first children’s book called “A Thankful Book For Kids.” Stacey also runs a lifestyle blog,, where she discusses all things motherhood and ways to live a more stylish life. She says her goal is to use her blog and social media platform to empower and encourage other career women as she shares lessons she has learned on her journey. 

According to Stacey Freeman, one of the common causes of mom guilt is putting a lot of pressure on oneself. She explains that many moms want to do it all in one day, and when things don’t work out, they feel like a failure.   

“Having a baby changes your world completely. For the first few years of my kids’ lives, I wanted to be perfect. The perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect employee and entrepreneur. It was so overwhelming to juggle all of these roles, that I felt completely lost. Eventually, I realized that I was doing it all, but that some days, I wouldn’t be great at everything, and that is ok. It’s about finding the balance in the long-run, and not expecting perfection each day. ,” says Stacey Freeman.

Stacey uses her social media platforms and blog to help other moms overcome mom guilt as she shows her audience that it is possible to have it all. Besides being a mom, Stacey is an entrepreneur. She has a Ph.D. in Education and has worked in higher education for over 20 years. Stacey is currently an Executive Director at UCLA, a position she’s held for the last two years.

Despite having her hands full, Stacey Freeman has prioritized her dreams and kids and has found a way to schedule learning and fun time with her kids. She overcame mom guilt and has finally found a perfect balance between work and personal life and is helping others do the same. 

Being a mom is not a walk in the park. It is even more challenging being a working mom. Nevertheless, you can still have it all. “You just have to realize that some days will require you to put aside work for your kids, and other days, you’ll have to focus more on work, and you might have to buy store-bought cupcakes instead of making the Pinterest version which is still okay,” says Stacey Freeman.

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