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At 55, Dawn Leak Is Still Dominating the Fashion Influencing Scene

The fashion industry is a creative space. Designers are acknowledged for their skills and ability to create new and authentic designs. Also, many fashion enthusiasts seek to own unique collections that make them stand out from the crowd. This pushes the creativity mark to a whole new level, a major trendsetter for the industry. Additionally, the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry has also presented opportunities for other creative and unique designers seeking to showcase their clothing. Social media has also played a significant role in helping individuals such as Dawn Leak.

Dawn Leak is a successful fashion Influencer making her mark in the industry. She is an innately talented and experienced fashion enthusiast. Dawn was born in Harlem, in the South Bronx. Dawn’s father always encouraged her to have confidence and never stop pursuing her aspirations, even though they only shared a brief time before his untimely passing. This ignited Dawn’s passion for fashion, literature, and business, and she hasn’t looked back since.

 In quest of her love for the fashion industry, the American fashion designer decided to move to Paris, the fashion capital. This was a major move and one that presented a path to success. Dawn not only successfully entered the industry but also established her presence as one of the top fashion influencers. Her remarkable career sparked when Elite Paris signed her because of her commitment to the profession.

Along with making an industry name for herself, Dawn also appeared in several prestigious magazines, including Vogue, German Elle, German Max, and Italian Amica. She also served as the spokesperson for Absolut Vodka in Africa, allowing her to walk the runways and appear in the stores of designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Issey Miyake, and Thierry Mugler, Paco Rabanne, Azzedine Alaia, and John Galliano.

Being ambitious, Dawn took advantage of the opportunity to try her luck as an influencer, entrepreneur, and writer in the creative industry. Since then, she has produced two psychological suspense novels, No Rhyme, No Reason, and The Blattaria Mind. She received the Bronze Remi Award at the Houston International Film Festival for No Rhyme, No Reason. She subsequently started her own lipstick company, Dawn Lip Candy, and entered the business world.

At 55, Dawn believes that everyone has the potential to bring their dreams to life. The secret lies in identifying your purpose and staying focused. Let your love and passion for what you are doing help you outweigh your fears.

“You should try to be fearless to think outside the box, the norm. Don’t be afraid to actualize your purpose when there is no cushion. Remember, there is no safety net to guarantee success. Always be willing to take a chance that may supersede any hardships that we all may face,” Dawn explains.

The ambitious influencer wants to continue growing her brand as an influencer and possibly have more opportunities come her way. She envisions herself evolving into a fierce businesswoman with a thriving makeup and clothing line on QVC.  

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