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Gentry Chidester, CEO of Elite Closers, Shares His Story 

The fine line that differentiates a potential client and a customer is a closed deal. With the rising number of businesses worldwide in this tech and digital age, marketing has gained a different form of traction. With this shift in demand for marketing, there has been a surge in salespeople worldwide. Unfortunately, only a few have managed to scale up in this career that depends on communication skills and product or service quality. Elite Closers, a sales and marketing company, dominates this niche across various industries, writing success stories for salespeople and brands globally. 

Elite Closers was not born out of a need to meet an industry crisis. Instead, it was the outcome of years of experience in the marketing field. Gentry Chidester, the CEO of Elite Closers, shares his story of climbing up the ladder of success. Just like anyone born and brought up in a middle-class family, he too had dreams of becoming rich the traditional way. Thankfully, his life took him in a different direction that transformed his financial position and changed millions of lives with his company Elite Closers. 

Chidester was only 21 when he became a father. At that time, he was pursuing his medical degree to become a doctor, hoping to achieve financial freedom. With another 14 years of his medical school left to be completed and a family that needed him badly at the time, Chidester chose to be with his family. He dropped out of medical school to work two full-time jobs and support his wife. His jobs in phone sales for Comcast and online health coaching took up almost 18 hours of his day. He kept slogging every day with the hope of becoming financially independent until he came to know about high-ticket sales. 

Chidester had a perennial thirst for financial freedom and knew this was his opportunity to increase his earning potential. He sold 3K ,6k and upwards of 10k online coaching programs every month, scaling up his income four times. Within a few months, he was already a millionaire. After achieving his financial goals, Chidester realized he would have never made as much money if he had pursued his medical degree and become a doctor. 

 At the age of 24, Chidester has had over over 10K high ticket consultations and sold well over 30 million dollars in online coaching and training programs. And trained multiple sales teams to gross 7 to 8 figures every year. His proven success made him a role model to others who wanted to learn about his bullet proof conversation and sales strategies. As a result, he’s helped hundreds of  people, some of his best friends, get into the high ticket sales industry and not only change their lives but help change the lives of people around the world. 

Thankfully, being the CEO at Elite Closers, Chidester has found the harmony that at times can seem so far away and elusive between leaving a legacy of helping others and cherishing time with his wife and son. Just like Elite Closers changed his life from being stuck to unstoppable, Chidester wants to impact the lives of others similarly by helping them find a new path to freedom using high ticket closing as well as the business owners who are struggling within their own business with sales, find motivated hungry closers just like Chidester. As he shares his hard-earned knowledge and experience at Elite Closers his vision is to build online sales  teams capable of closing 50 percent of the leads they have been assigned and not only scaling the business but also creating freedom for others. While most sales professionals view sales as this long drawn out energy draining process relying heavily on old scripts and sales techniques from 10 years ag0, Elite Closers is the new age sales process and philosophy that will change the e-learning industry and the way sales are maid and process for good. 

Gentry Chidester wants others to follow in his footsteps to reach new heights and find their freedom through Elite Closers. In the future, he wants to take his company to Forbes 30 Under 30. To show the world that no matter what life puts in your path there is a way through it if you are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to create your dream.

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