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Suzy Sogoyan Clasps More than Just Necklaces; She’s Connecting People and Forming Communities. 

Suzy Sogoyan has a new path. It stemmed from her father’s–but she now walks boldly into the world of business on her own. She makes business personal because it should be. It’s about the people for Suzy, and making lasting connections with folks she likens to family.

Suzy Sogoyan is the business owner of IceLink–a jewelry store. Her father, Andy Sogoyan, founded it, and now she runs it. They have an exquisite collection of jewelry.  You’ll see dainty gold bands studded with diamonds amidst unique designs and big and beautiful pieces with bold gemstones. The watches the father-daughter duo design speak for themselves. One is a sleek black with six identical faces on it and others have faces with gears or maps set in the background. Not only does IceLink catch the eye of the everyday wearer, but also high-end celebrities.

Suzy Sogoyan runs a sleek jewelry store and she does it with meaning and purpose. “My intention for IceLink isn’t just for my love and passion for jewelry and watches, it’s for creating with purpose and using my skill and craft to connect with others.” Suzy said. You’ll see her love for people on her Instagram with her many followers. Some of them are women who are part of the “Suzy squad.” The Suzy squad is a community of women who are “young, fabulous, and chic–these are hard-working ladies who know their self-worth…always striving to become better versions of themselves.” Suzy said.

The Suzy squad represents more than just a community of followers, but they are a group of women who feel empowered by Suzy Sogoyan. “As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I was often underestimated and went through challenging obstacles to prove myself.” Suzy said. Her father always instilled living life without fear, so she fulfilled her father’s wishes. She has designed a bracelet that stands for fearlessness: a leather bracelet with a lioness. The Suzy squad strives to live without fear, too.

The fearlessness Suzy Sogoyan represents online and in her business translates into a rock-solid foundation for IceLink. “Success is good and consistent branding. A brand book is KEY.” Suzy said. Suzy dedicates time to defining beliefs and values and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the business. She has created a brand story, set a tone, designed a (company) look, and so much more. Now, any potential customer can see what IceLink is really about. Customers feel confident that their money is buying more than jewelry. They are investing in a community of people.

Creating that connection is what both Suzy and Andy are about. They have humanized their business. Suzy takes the time to ensure they donate to charities. She is transparent with her customers by communicating with them through the entire purchase process. She sends customers emails and pictures with updates. She even encourages feedback and recommendations regarding her business and jewelry. Suzy and Andy are family. They treat their team at IceLink like family, and they extend that love and care to their customers proving to be much more than just a jewelry store. 

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