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Cultured Focus Magazine Highlights 8 Stand Out Films from the 2022 Tribeca Festival


Cultured Focus Hails the 2022 Tribeca Festival as a Celebration of Diverse Storytelling with Edge of Your Seat Standout Films. 

The coverage of the 2022 Tribeca Festival beautifully aligns with the mission and ethos behind Cultured Focus Magazine – to wholeheartedly commit to showcasing unique stories and supporting diversity in talent. We are proud to highlight 8 standout films from the 2022 Tribeca Festival so you can relish in the rich diversity and creativity on offer at this year’s festival. 

Our Father, The Devil

Set in France, ‘Our Father, The Devil’, is the directorial debut of Ellie Foumbi. The film doesn’t hold back as it explores an entanglement of relatable themes including trauma, power, revenge and guilt. Featuring stellar performances by Babetida Sadjo and Souléymane Sy Savané – your eyes will be glued to the screen. 

The Integrity of Joseph Chambers

Written and directed by Robert Machoian (The Killing of Two Lovers), this film sees its protagonist, Joseph, grapple with his masculinity and how he views himself as protector of his family. Lead actor and producer, Clayne Crawford, notes that the film encourages audiences to consider the innateness of the human instinct to survive. 


This non-fiction film follows parts of attorney, Benjamin Crump’s journey through the courts in support of victims of anti-Black racism. ‘Civil’ examines police violence, failed accountability and glaring injustice in a gripping documentary compassionately crafted by Nadia Hallgren.

The D.O.C.

Another directorial debut, ‘The Doc’ sees Dave Caplan bring to life a masterful ode to hip hop culture icon and former Dallas rapper, The D.O.C. Caplan describes the film as a story of redemption as it chronicles the incredible life of the rapper behind the world’s biggest rap names like Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg.

Official Competition 

Starring global names, Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, ‘Official Competition’ fashions a tale of clashing egos. The witty satire pokes fun at the moviemaking world and will have smiles on the faces of those that love a black comedy.

Storytellers – Cynthia Erivo goes back to Broadway

Together award-winning actors, Cynthia Erivo and André De Shields explore how entwined conversations around race, identity, and labor are with the rising of New York City as the heartland of the big dreamers in this world.

The Godfather

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022, a restoration of the iconic film, ‘The Godfather’ was shown during the festival. An incredible conversation with Al Pacino prior to screening revealed his involvement with the film and how it uncovered his own family roots in Corleone, Italy. 

Eve’s Bayou

Cultured Focus Magazine had the opportunity to talk with legendary actress, Lynn Whitfield about her role in Eve’s Bayou, 25 years on from its premiere. She shared how meaningful the film was to her and revered director, Kasi Lemmons, for her ability to tell such a culturally and historically significant story from her heart. 

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[Pictured Film Director Kasi Lemmons and Journalist LaKisa Renee]

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