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Joel Sandoval’s Plan to Spearhead America’s Number One CPA Firm

Joel Sandoval is the founder of the CPA firm, Sandoval Tax, which specializes in helping business owners save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes a year. 

Prior to becoming the thriving entrepreneur that he is, Joel was a regular accountant, making six figures and working out of a small community in California with little to no aspirations of being a business owner. 

Once Joel conceptualized the dream of owning a CPA, he immediately went to work to realize that dream, taking risks such as quitting his job, moving away from the community in his hometown, and investing everything he had into his new business. While off to a slow start, Sandoval Tax eventually began to pick up enough traction for Joel to keep his business going long-term.

Joel boasts a firm that is guaranteed to get any company a return on their investment with their work in tax planning, ensuring the highest quality and consistent service that could be provided in CPAs. On top of also being one of the largest bilingual firms in the United States, in just 5 short years, Joel has been able to develop his firm from nothing to a 7 figure business with projects that reach much further than that. 

Joel Sandoval is a true dreamer with aspirations that extend far beyond what would be in view for the average person. With a business that he is proud of, Joel has a tremendous ability to see his success with such clarity, that he knows what he is capable of and trusts in the quality of the company he has built so much so that he has been able to make such a declaration that holds so much merit. Because as Joel preaches, “Fear is just a feeling. It’s normal to be afraid. Fear is usually caused by a lack of confidence. The more confidence you have, the less fear you have. And you build confidence by having knowledge and experience.”

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