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Meet Sonia Serences: The Influencer and Model Making Her Mark.

Canadian born Influencer, Sonia Serences, is determined to spread positivity and inspire many people to follow their passion to accomplish and live their dreams.

Sonia started her journey as a visual artist. Her passion for graphic design, web design, illustrations, and abstract paintings ignited a spark that spurred her to delve deeper, eventually exploring photography and modeling. 

Sonia’s love for photography and modeling helped her find her feet by connecting with exceptional talents in the field. With this, she worked with brands such as ladies’ fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, skincare products, and more. This exposure gave her the drive and inspiration to promote her fashion inspo styles in her creative ways. 

As a visual artist, Sonia enjoyed her role as a member of the Art Council. She has been privileged to meet other talented artists through her fantastic talent and creative arts. On some occasions, she had her paintings presented for public displays. Besides, Sonia was part of a magazine cover model competition at an international level; she participated in two competitions where she placed 2nd and 8th to qualify for semi and quarter-finals in her modeling career. She can’t be happier with her achievements, and being an optimist, Sonia looks forward to venturing into a more profound aspect of her craft and rising higher.

Like most individuals at some point in their life, Sonia struggled with self-doubt and fear of the unknown as she fell short of the beauty standard at the initial stages of her career. However, her passion, determination, and love for her career outshined these drawbacks. Sonia, being an ambitious person, refused to allow herself to be limited or deterred; therefore, she proceeded to own up to her talents and present her ideas as best as she could.

She mainly takes an interest in the USA and Canadian audiences. She hopes to reach a massive audience as it promises her opportunities to collaborate and work together on modeling projects. Sonia takes inspiration from music. She added, “Once I listen to a song or a particular musical instrument, it opens my vision to connect with other creative projects.”

Sonia thinks you should leverage whatever makes you feel good about yourself to eliminate all negativity. She further reiterates the place of tenacity for your goals as she admonishes people not to give up on their dreams. 

Sonia advises that patience, kindness, and understanding are essential factors in life, given that we all have diverse paths and perspectives. She affirms the common saying- love conquers all. in her statement: “You ought to give love a chance and learn to work with people regardless of their shortcomings and differences.” In the end, she hopes that everyone wins and reaps positive results. 

Sonia hopes to be a multi-published model and influencer for infamous fashion and beauty magazines in the coming years. She is confident that she will attain her goals through her strong will and positive attitude towards her career and life. 

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