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Look Out for Filmmaker Joseth Francois’ New Series “1 Date in 50 States” 

While it is many people’s dream to build a sustainable and progressive career in the film industry, sadly, not everyone gets to achieve this. Given the advanced technology in the world today, you can create and produce a film or series on your own and in your own time. 

Not to oversimplify the process, but a good camera and editing software remain your go-to tools to achieve this. But, even more importantly, to succeed in the filmmaking world, you need a little more than just a mobile phone; you need to be exceptionally skilled. To become exceptional, you have to recognize a particular aspect of filmmaking and work on it relentlessly. You need to be determined to become better and build an audience to achieve your dreams.

Joseth Francois is a film producer and the CEO of Sertified Casting, a talent company with over half a billion YouTube views across the globe. Joseth has received several accolades in his career and is working towards achieving more as he continues to rise in popularity in the competitive film industry. Joseth has collaborated on several projects, some of which were for Dunkin’ Donuts, IHeartRadio, and Nike. He has also worked with artists like NLE Choppa, Young MA, Bankroll Hayden, and creators like Kai Cenat, Brent Rivera, and Bryce Hall.

Currently, Joseth is working on a fascinating series called “1 Date in 50 States.” The series follows a cast of content creators going on a date in every state in America while doing crazy activities like jet skiing to skydiving. The entire series is powered by Sertified Casting and is sponsored by the Sweet Pea dating app. 

One way of getting involved with the series is by downloading the Sweetpea app, and by using it, you can be pulled into the show. Francois says diversity will remain a key theme as “1 Date in 50 States” shows tremendous progressiveness, uniting influencers and content creators.

As with any journey to success, there are usually accompanying challenges and hurdles, and Joseth‘s filmmaking path was not without its own. “My biggest challenge was building a company while dealing with being in the spotlight. It’s tough to stay true to your convictions when so many people are quick to chip in their opinions. It makes it hard to find yourself when you’re doing this in your early adulthood,” says Joseth. 

As an African-American content creator, Francois continues to explore the industry in various capacities, and he has had a fair share of challenges in the spotlight. While working with a popular global social media group, Francois, in hindsight, performed in skits that misrepresented his community.

“I have recently been on the path to developing new systems to prevent more situations like mine from ever happening again. I stand for fairness in the creator space and will continue my journey to create more opportunities for those who have been overlooked or mistreated,” says Joseth.

Francois and his team at Sertified Casting are transcending from working with social media influencers and are now working with a diverse group of people, from musicians, models, and even NFT companies. They also worked on their first movie casting where they provide over 150 extras. Sertified Casting is active across Atlanta, Florida, New York, etc., and has recently worked on a film that they cast extras for. As a means of giving back to society, Joseth looks to create more job opportunities to accomplish his mission to help other content creators realize their full potential while creating more content for his loyal fan base.

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