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Boomers Parks Embrace Community Involvement

In past decades, working with local communities was often viewed by companies as little more than a necessity to obtain a tax write-off, or to bolster brand image. Today, however, businesses are beginning to realize the positive impacts that supporting their community can have on them and the public alike. Supporting the community surrounding your business is always good — after all, the health of a local business is directly tied to the health of the local community. 

Additionally, philanthropy has also been seen to positively impact employee morale. People love to feel like they are doing a good thing. If a company allows their employees to have this feeling, they are more likely to feel engaged with their work, and have pride in their company and its leadership. Implementing team initiatives for supporting and giving back to the community can not only create a positive atmosphere in the workplace, but also boost how local residents perceive your business.

Ways of giving back to the community don’t always have to be grand gestures; they can be small things, too. For example, one simple way that Boomers Parks is giving back is by offering discounts to active and retired military personnel, veterans, and first responders. This is an easy way for their company to show that they value the people integral to supporting their business and the community in which it is located.

Working with the Crime Survivors Resource Center

Another cause that Boomers Parks has partnered with in supporting is the Crime Survivors Resource Center. This organization provides support for its community by promoting awareness, advocating for rights, focusing on crime prevention, and prioritizing healing for victims. Boomers has a rich history of working with the organization, with CEO Tim Murphy now serving as a member of the Crime Survivors Advisory Board.

For Murphy, what stands out about Crime Survivors is their dedication and commitment to helping those in the community who have been victims of serious crimes. “This organization does what they can to help these victims overcome real challenges and hardships to provide a voice to the voiceless,” explains Murphy, “many of the families they help leave their homes with only the clothes on their back. They don’t have the money they need for food, housing, legal support, and other necessities. But Crime Survivors is there in their time of need.”

The week prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas, both Boomers Irvine and Boomers Los Angeles host events for Crime Survivor families. These events provide them with early access to the parks to enjoy a safe and fun time at no charge. It is an opportunity for these families to race on the go-kart tracks or play some miniature golf, providing them with much-needed escapism and an opportunity to network with other survivors of violent crimes.

Boomers also shows their support for the Crime Survivors organization outside of providing free events. Eight Boomers leadership team members — including Murphy — participated in the organization’s annual Superhero 5K. It’s a wonderful way for team members to show their support for a cause and community that matters to them while doing something fun and challenging for themselves.

These are just a few of the initiatives that Boomers has to support their community. Murphy finds that this is an enriching, rewarding way of both giving back in a way that supports a cause he is passionate about while also boosting employee morale, and creating a positive image for the company. “Our work is well received in the communities that we support, and we are happy to provide it,” says Murphy. Indeed, even the smallest show of support can greatly impact the company and the community.

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