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How Joel Sandoval Risked Everything for a Chance to be at the Top

The journey to building a successful business is no easy undertaking for anyone. One has to begin in just about any industry oftentimes in failure or receiving absolutely no rewards for quite a while, making it extremely dangerous to get into in the first place, putting everyone involved, and their loved ones at great financial risk. Every great business person has a story filled with tragedy, hardship, and triumph behind their success and motivation to be great and Joel Sandoval is no Different.

Joel Sandoval is the founder of Sandoval Tax, a CPA firm that handles financial and tax planning for other businesses on his way to becoming America’s top firm

Growing up in a small Hispanic community in California, Joel attended college for 4 years, acquiring a Business Degree with a concentration in accounting. As Joel began to learn more about both business and becoming a master in his field, Joel developed the inspiration to create his own business, one that he could nurture himself and provide a wealthy, stable income for himself and his family leading him to quit his 6 figure accounting job with the blessing of his wife.

Soon after quitting his job and learning of the imminent arrival of his first daughter, Joel became far more motivated to get his business off of the ground and do whatever he could to make his company a success.

In just a handful of years, Joel Sandoval has been able to go from leaving a good job that he worked very hard to get in the first place, to running his own 7 figure accounting firm with leagues of growth left for the future. Taking a risk with his family and career, Joel has proven potential to be one of the greats in his industry, with a clear ability to make what needs to happen, happen, as well as being in the possession of a powerful passion that helps inspire others to chase their dreams too.

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