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How Alexander Strate’s Search for a Fulfilling Career Led to a Successful Business

One of the most critical decisions people make in their lives is deciding what to do for a living. According to some studies, we spend one-third of our lives at work, so choosing the right path can have a huge impact on our overall happiness. Some end up making the wrong choice, which can lead to great disappointment. Alexander Strate, the founder of the thriving insurance company Family First Life Fire Agency, experienced this firsthand. But once he continued to hustle, his tenacity and commitment to building a greater life for himself paid off.

The consummate go-getter, Alexander began his entrepreneurship journey by starting up with an MLM company at 17. There he met other successful entrepreneurs and knew that the financial and professional success they’d achieved was in the cards for him as well. Alexander chased that dream for the next 7 years and did everything he could to hit that milestone. He tried numerous opportunities: 2 different MLM companies, digital marketing, Forex, crypto, and various sales positions, but none were his last stop on his journey to professional fulfillment.

A few months short of his 24th birthday, Alexander tried his hand at Shopify dropshipping and finally hit a coveted milestone: $10,000/month of net profit. Unfortunately, his success was short-lived. His supplier disappeared overnight, leaving him to deal with chargebacks that almost bankrupted him. That forced Alexander to take a break and regroup before finding another industry where he could apply all the lessons he’d learned over the past 7 years. Life insurance provided the change Alexander needed.

His knowledge of sales, finance, risk management, marketing, teamwork, and leadership made Alexander a perfect fit for the insurance business. For the first time in his professional life, Alexander had found an industry with stability, scalability, and limitless potential for growth that others lacked. Life insurance also gave him the independence and freedom to earn income based on his own hard work without depending on others.

Most importantly, life insurance allowed Alexander to do meaningful work. Alexander soon found that protecting families from financial ruin and giving them dignity and grace on the worst day of their lives was more fulfilling than anything he’d ever done before. Not only was he exploring his potential, but also improving and impacting lives.

Alexander has worked in life insurance for four years now and has built an incredible career that serves as an inspiration for many. Out of all the insurance agencies out there, Family First Life Fire was the one that provided Alexander with the best opportunities. FFL Fire gave Alexander access to the tools and systems he needed to succeed, which empowered him to go from life insurance agent to agency owner.

As an agency owner, Alexander implements the same principles he applied to grow his previous companies and teams. So far, Alexander has built a team of over 150 agents who protect over 7,500 families every year, on top of the 100 plus he does individually. This year alone, Alexander predicts his company will cover 20,000 families, impacting countless lives for the better. FFL Fire will keep expanding, too, bringing in new agents looking for a fulfilling career with the potential for life-changing growth.

As a team leader, Alexander is committed to his agents’ success and has developed a system to help with that. Alexander believes everyone has the potential to succeed in the business, but that’s only possible if they have the tools they need. “Despite all the experience, if you’re not in the right car, it won’t take you to the finish line,” he says. His mission is to transform FFL Fire into that vehicle for more agents to create an even bigger impact and help more families.

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