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Edward Davis, Agent of Agents, Helps Dreamers Reach Their Goals

Many people work out of necessity, bills must be paid and some sort of future needs to be secured. Some people find a field that not only provides for them financially, but also fills a sense of purpose when they are also passionate about it. Edward Davis found this perfect mix in the world of sports. He is passionate about helping people and also passionate about football. He has formulated a way to help athletes and aspiring sports agents make the best life possible for themselves and their families.

Edward Davis always wanted to be a pro football player. But his career as a NFL star didn’t pan out as he imagined. He stayed dedicated to the industry and found a way to apply his passion and knowledge in a way that would earn incredible income as a professional sports agent. Becoming an agent was difficult without guidance and direction. It was also expensive as his first year resulted in $52k in debt. But it wasn’t enough to deter him.

Refusing to be defeated by the losses, he began to think outside the box and tried to find a way to minimize the damages. The athletes he represented had worked so hard for the opportunity to be seen by professional teams and he didn’t want to let them down. His solution was a virtual Pro Day. He made short clips of each of his athletes, highlighting their skills and abilities, and sent them to all the NFL teams. Edward’s virtual Pro Day idea was a success! Two of his clients, who were previously unrated, were signed to the NY Giants and Indiana Colts as undrafted free agents. This was a major achievement, as most pro athlete hopefuls were not getting signed.

Edward Davis was sorely aware of the lack of guidance available. Learning on the job is hard and expensive. He founded his coaching platform, Sports Agent Master Class, attempting to fill that gap in available knowledge. Becoming an agent no longer requires a law degree, and hopefuls can get licensed in as little as 30 days. While most established agents in the field prefer to maintain a low profile, staying out of the spotlight and off social media, Edward decided to take a different approach, “I saw how Trump used social media to win his campaign and I realized the power it holds when leveraged correctly.” Edward is among the only professional sports agents to approach coaching and recruiting in this way.

Edward Davis looks forward to welcoming  aspiring agents to the industry, teaching them what he has learned and providing the support he needed when he first began. He has refined his recruiting process and talent search, making him a professional and successful agent in the field. Being a minority has presented him with certain challenges other agents may not have faced, but it also gives him the opportunity to bring a unique aspect to the table. Growth is on his mind for this upcoming season, both as an agent to athletes, and as the agent of agents.

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