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When Disaster Strikes  

By New Frank 

In all relationships, people need space apart to rediscover and make positive changes within their character or mindset. Learn to give God Space, not because He grows weary of you, but because He knows it’s time to reshape your life. God wants to move you to a higher level; therefore, you must be trained to face your future. This requires training, and training is uncomfortable until you become comfortable. Next, I want you to stop praying to God temporarily. Do I have your attention? Good. Let me rewind and tell you why giving God Space and not praying temporarily will solve your crisis.  

On any given day, the universe will declare war on your life. The natural mind will try to compensate to alleviate the damage. We break the glass and snatch our survival packs, and we begin to pray, read the word, fast for a day, and listen to others’ advice. We finally come to the end of ourselves, and the “survival pack” does not change our life situation.  Now what! We run back to God for refuge for immediate relief, and then we demand relief; we talk out loud and calculate what we did wrong or right. When there is no answer from God, our prayers may become livid. We demand answers from God as to why this is happening.  Still, No Response.

This is a testing stage, and the spotlight is on you to test your conduct under duress. During this test, God won’t allow you to find the answer(s) to your problem. This is ripe hunting seasoning for the enemy to mock your survival kit. The enemy knows that the human mind becomes irater when prayers are unanswered in times of crisis. The enemy will tell you that God has abandoned you based on the current evidence of your predicament. The enemy may ask you upside-down questions about telling God that you can’t hang on much longer. This is a trick to get you to think about future problems. God says only think about today. The truth is, God has always been in the same position, which is right next to you. God will never abandon you; don’t panic, this is only a test. Remember, the teacher won’t talk until the exam is over. 

Let’s understand the promises of God.  “I will never leave you or forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 3:16) and “I will be with you always Even to the end of the world.”  (Matthew 28:20) This Promise verse was designed to hold your mental state intact when hard times try to bind your light. Know that during the test, you will have no control over how long the storm will last. Leave it in God’s hands and accept we cannot control all circumstances.  

Don’t become zealous and start over-praying to push God to end your test; this will only bring irritation. God will finish the good work inside of you, so don’t quit. I know it’s hard, but you will pass this test, take a breath and just believe. Meanwhile, it’s time to walk in faith, not by sight. Trust and give God space and do not pray or talk to God for seven days. Allow Him to talk to you and give direction. Give positive praises and daily thanks only. God is working behind the scenes in your life. Give your body and mind a rest, workout, laugh, run, read a good book, write, sing, dance, and have faith in the process. At 

the end of the seven days, pray and have a talk with God. If you are still in a crisis, repeat this again and stand on the promise. This test is almost over, so take solace that God hears everyone’s prayers, no one is left behind.  

Refer to the Movie (The Edge) with Anthony Hopkins; The question was asked, “Hey, Charles, why do people die in the woods? The answer, “They die of Shame.” The Edge, a faith story of three men who find themselves stuck on a desolate Island, and now they must fight to stay alive against the harsh elements. Before all hope is lost can they make a way to be rescued?  Are you ashamed that you are lost in the woods?  Stop being ashamed and start walking out of the woods today, forgive yourself, then create something to live for until your test is over. 

Refer to the Bible Story: The enemy’s offer: When the enemy asks Jesus to turn this stone into bread, this is what Christ replied.  “It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but every word that comes out of the mouth of the Lord.” (Matthew 4:4). How do we apply this to our lives? The test is not whether Jesus can turn a stone into bread; that’s child’s play. The true test was Him waiting upon God the Father to give Him permission. When we have stones in our lives, we want to turn them into bread because life becomes difficult. 

We don’t like God’s timing; it’s too slow, but if we wait upon the Lord, “He will renew our strength and gives us wings of an eagle to soar over our problems.” (Isaiah 40:31). We will flex our power, money and influence to turn that stone into bread before our time without seeking God. When God is ready, your stones will become bread, and that “bread” will become a testimony to feed the minds of others that has a similar crisis. I know you’re in the wilderness beware; the enemy will try to pressure you into saying or doing things against God’s will.  Allow God to turn your stones into bread, don’t cheat the test, or you will go around the mountain again. (Deuteronomy 8:5) – (Hebrews 12:5-13) and (Exodus 6:6-8)

Please Note:  This seven-day rule only applies when you are in a crisis. When you’re ready to walk out of the woods say this prayer below:

The Stop Praying Prayer

Lord, I worship, praise, and thank You for the gifts in my life. Lord, on May (29th to June 4th example date)- ( 7-days), I will temporarily stop praying and talking to You. During this time, I will allow You to speak to me and show me direction on how to overcome the {situation/problem(s)/crisis} in my life. Lord, I will stand on Your promise that states, “You will never leave or forsake me” in my times of being tested. Thank You for all Your blessings; past, present and future. Lord, I look forward to our next talk on June 4th example date) in Jesus’ name Amen….  

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