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International Supermodel Farhan Chowdhury reshaping and changing fashion industry.

Farhan Chowdhury, a well-known top fashion supermodel, and Hollywood Producer aspire to make new trends in the fashion industry. The supermodel has been working in the fashion world since the age of 6. He has walked more than 250 fashion shows including countless New York Fashion Week, LA fashion week, Las Vegas Fashion Week, Northern Vogue, Pump Fashion Show, AVEDA and LPF Fashion Shows, etc.

The heartthrob always had a keen interest in the fashion industry because his mother, Parvis Chowdhury, has been a reputed fashion designer for forty years and owns a famous Fashion house, ‘Saptaparna.’ She is the first designer from Bangladesh to be part of New York fashion week and has won the best fashion designer award five times. Their biggest support has been Farhan’s father, Mainul Islam Chowdhury, a successful businessman and a loving husband and father.

Farhan has seen so many people struggling in this industry and wanted to do something about it. Currently fashion industry has Sustainability, Production challenges, Production opportunities, Consumption challenges and opportunities. He couldn’t depend on others to make the change. So, he decided to become the change. He decided to open his fashion show and event organizing company where he is the boss and can give chance to whoever he wants

There are three major rules in his company –

  1. Everyone will be respected no matter what.
  1. Everyone will be treated equally.
  1. There will be no requirements to join his fashion show company /Modeling agency no matter their race, color, height, weight, or ethnicity.

He also launched his reality tv show company, magazine, mobile app, film production, and modeling agency. He already organized a lot of shows. He has about six episodes on his website as well as on You tube. He also has a modeling Bootcamp partnered with Blu Ink where they teach new models different things about modeling. Like how to walk, do their makeup and hair, post on social media, and how brand themselves.

Farhan has already won millions of hearts in his successful modeling and production career. Farhan’s show already provides a vast platform for making connections within the industry. Farhan’s goal is to make the fashion industry a safer and better place. And that is why he and his team are working hard toward completing it.

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