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For The Tox, Lymphatic Health Provides Long Lasting Health Benefits

Late nights, stress, drinks with coworkers, fast food for dinner…it all adds up. Even if you consider yourself to be an overall healthy person, unhealthy choices stay with you little by little until they make you feel miserable. So, The Tox created a system based on the very under studied information they discovered about the lymphatic system to help rid people of these toxins.

In the US, there is not much attention given to the important role the lymphatic system plays in our overall health and wellness. But, by giving your digestive and lymphatic systems a full reset, you can eliminate excess water retention and reduce bloating. This also helps eliminate toxins, gives you a slimmer look, and offers continuous health benefits. “I felt like it was my duty to create a treatment that not only made you look good, but feel good too,” says Courtney Yeager of The Tox.

The Tox Technique is a series of lymphatic and digestive body movements designed to detoxify your body in a 60 minute session. They also have The Tox Products that are a full line of lymphatic home health tools. These tools give you The Tox experience in the comfort of your own home. No other company does anything quite like they do. They’ve developed a proven method for health and wellness, providing not only aesthetic results, but long-lasting health benefits, too.

What started as a way to bring awareness of lymphatic health to LA has grown into so much more. Soon after they started operating in LA, The Tox began receiving hundreds of requests to open locations in other cities. In only two years, they have opened seven locations in cities, including New York, Orange County, and Miami. They will soon add Scottsdale, Dallas, and Las Vegas to that list.

For The Tox, their primary goal is to help people improve their health by healing their lymphatic system. “To be able to change people’s health and provide this service has been the most rewarding part of the business,” says Courtney Yeager.

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