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Upcoming Platform Nexum Set to Revolutionize Online and Speed Dating

The prospect of finding a romantic partner has never been an easy one and can often be very intimidating for many. As a result, people have come up with ways to bring them closer to their perfect partner, from blind date setups to speed dating events. With the development of digital spaces, it has become easier for anyone to pursue a dating life.

Nexum, a company that takes pride in providing some of the best technologies and services, has taken it upon itself to help people form better romantic connections.

A leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, Nexum offers easy access and comprehension for people hoping to pursue a relationship. The company strives to maximize the user’s enjoyment and success through its cutting-edge algorithmic system, which sets it apart from other platforms.

“Our algorithm boosts and promotes users who frequent the app, benefitting anyone looking for connection,” said Nexum co-founder Imran Ali. “Many traditional swipe-and-match platforms use the overplayed machine learning and ELO rating system – that basically means that most users are negatively affected to garner more profit. Instead, we reward eager users who want to be seen and have a desire to meet new people.”

Imran Ali and Andrew Kosche, the co-founders of Nexum, first got into software technology as San Jose State University students. Imran is a Computer Science major with a technical mind who enjoys computer programming and using his free time to play the guitar. Andrew is a Computer Engineering Major who spends his time away from the computer touching the grass when playing Spike-Ball and Ultimate Frisbee.

They collaborated on small projects in their dorm before escalating their operations in 2018. As young people, Imran and Andrew knew that others in the dating landscape were struggling to find intimacy despite the number of platforms available. They wanted to set a mark on the social landscape and find a way to help people become happier, giving birth to Nexum.

“We’ve gotten to this point by doing diligent research on our field and turning that research into a fully-fleshed product that people can use to help themselves,” said the Nexum founders.

Nexum is meant to be a solution for people who have used all the apps on the market and still find themselves struggling. In addition to the algorithm, most apps hold users down to make more money when purchasing premium features. On the other hand, Nexum is a platform that removes those obstacles.

Currently, the company has started private beta testing with plans to launch the app soon. The development of Nexum is to ensure an open, interactive user experience that allows people to feel safe and cared for in their pursuit of romance and relationships across the United States.

“We’d be ecstatic if we can help create at least a hundred dates,” shared Imran and Andrew. “In terms of long-term goals, we want to get to the point where we can create dates for people across the entire United States, and eventually, globally.”

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