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For Austin Cahoon, Fear Means You Are Moving In The Right Direction

Fear has a way of crippling you when it is misinterpreted. But instead of allowing fear to create emotional paralysis, it can actually move you forward. Austin Cahoon believes that, in a business sense, fear is a signal that you are moving out of your comfort zone.

When Austin started his sports betting business, he discovered the challenge of making something of your ideas. People criticize and question anything new. Starting a business requires stepping out of your comfort zone, and it’s a continual lesson in believing in yourself. But with time and consistency, it all comes to fruition. “Mindset is EVERYTHING! If you know in your mind that you will make it, you will always find a way no matter what obstacles you face,” says Austin Cahoon.

Turning an idea into something great requires you to risk everything. You have to be completely committed and willing to make sacrifices. There will be failures, but if you learn to love the failures, your odds of success will multiply. For Austin, he chooses to focus on pushing his limits, rather than counting his successes, so he never stops accomplishing what he set out to.

Austin comes from a family of sports lovers. When he was introduced to sports betting, he quickly learned the need for education to turn things around. After he dived into the data and statistics side of betting, Austin began building a system of profit. “Through trial and error, I started turning my $500 account into 10s of thousands of dollars and it had become a very steady income source,” says Austin Cahoon.

With the right mindset, your likelihood of success will dramatically increase. Even if you have fear, it can help you dive deeper to achieve something special if you believe in yourself that you will make it.

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