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Get Your Spiritual Money Mindset RIGHT w/ Don Daniel, Keynote Speaker Eric Thomas, and Dynamic Thought-Leaders

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Get Ready for the Most Explosive 3-Day Hybrid Spiritual Money Mindset Event of the YEAR!

Don Daniel is a Global pioneer ushering in an All-Star Cast of thought-leaders to help attendees Break Generational Curses and Create Financial Freedom. Developing A Spiritual Money Mindset is a 3-Day Retreat for Entrepreneurs and Nonprofit leaders alike. Joining this powerhouse event, none other than, Eric Thomas AKA ET- The HipHop Preacher headlines as Keynote Speaker and will shift attitudes, hearts, and minds towards financial breakthrough! 

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Trailblazers in Real-estate, Finance, Loan Experts, and Vetted Men and Women will pour into both LIVE in-person and Virtual audiences with 2 immersive ways for attendees to participate.

Kicking off May 20th– May 22nd, attendees can expect to be elevated like never before.


FOOD | FUN | 1 ON 1 VIP ACCESS | CLASSES & MORE! More than dozen professional men and women will take the stage at this phenomenal Seminar- Both Live and Virtual formats are available to meet people around the world. In this 3-day retreat seminar Hot financial topics will include but not be limited to: Total Debt Elimination, acquiring property with no money out of pocket, building business and personal credit, creating passive income, and how to lend millions of dollars without a license, and much more! 

Housing the LIVE Retreat: The Gaylord Opryland Resort! An exclusive discounted rate for all 3 days are provided to registered guest plus Breakfast & lunch inclusion with each ticket. 

VIP ticket holders will have Greenroom access to guest speakers.

For those who cannot make it to the Live-In person festivities, there is still room for financial growth. Don’s team have included Powerhouse guest Speakers airing Saturday, May 21st.

Virtual ticket holders will have access to lean in, learn, and grow.


Don Daniel graciously thanks all supporters, registered guest, powerhouse speakers, staff, event facilitators, publicist, and brand ambassadors for helping his vision come to life!

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Event Host: Don Daniel – Visionary, Host & Founder of The PILL Method

LIVE Powerhouse Speakers

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Eric Thomas

Jarrett Albritton (Metadata Agency™ (MDA), J. Massey (Cashflow Diary) John Bing, Become The Bank! (Nation Mac Lending), Kenyatta Butcher (Making Your Business Bank Ready!), Flame Newton CEO, (The School Of Credit (TSOC), Chandler (Founder, CEO, High-Performance Fundability Coach, Get Fundable!), Alisha Cooper (Biz Fund Academy), Anthony Glenn (V.A. Loan Entitlement Expert), Stephanie Gutierrez (Realtor/ADU Strategist, EXP Realty), Odis James (James Street Capital), Dr. Delaine Smith (Realtor, Edge Realty Network, LLC), Sean Lashley (Digital Business Card, 10kCards), Shiloh Lundahl (Real Estate Investor), Derrick Forston, Don Love, & Jacob Jennings.

LIVE MC: King David Reeves “SMMExperts & Mentor Connector”


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Virtual Powerhouse Speakers

Dr. Marcia Hunter (Money & Spiritual Mindset), Dr. Nichole Peters (Snatch Back Your Power & Believe!) , Sheniqua Johnson RN (Strength to Shift)Your,  Dr. Karen Hills Pruden (Activating Power & Grace During Corporate Compensation Negotiations), Krystal Henry (The Mindset Behind a Million Dollar Brand), Dr. Shirley Clark (How to Become Consciously Wealthy)

Virtual MC: Dionne Greaves “The Mompreneur CEO”

Event Facilitator: Dr. Cynthia Videau “The Website Whisperer”

Event Graphic Designs: C.Beyond Marketing Resource Center, LLC.

Elite Support Staff Member: Lisa Smith

Brand Ambassadors: Sabryia Reese, Tiffany R. Easley, Tiesha Marie Johnson, Donnisia Rice Tibbs, Tandra Price

Official Event Publicist: Dr. Nakita Davis “The Billboard Queen” 

More on Don Daniel:

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Don Daniel is the Founder and Chairman of PILL Method International. His company is responsible for developing a systematic approach to learning to read the language in which loans are written, the language of Amortized Interest.

Don explains these four concepts and more in his bestselling book The PILL Method: A Better Way To Eliminate Debt, where he also articulates that reason for his innovative insights into. amortization schedules; a few years ago Don was diagnosed with Adult ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, commonly known as Aspergers. Aspergers is a high functioning form of Autism.

Don’s most important message is telling individuals the truth about debt elimination and wealth creation. With personal instruction and guidance from The PILL Method’s artificially intelligent Opportunity Cost Calculator his clients can be totally debt free, including their mortgage, student loans, business loans, auto loans, and credit cards in an average of 7 to 9 years. Real estate investors, whose main interest may not be debt elimination, can now accrue equity 4 to 5 times faster at a much lower interest cost and cash out years earlier! P.I.L.L. stands for: P. Prepayment of Principal I. Isolation of Principal Amounts L. Leverage and L. Liquidity

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