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L’ANZA Produces Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Ingredients for Conscious Consumers

The advantages of environmentally friendly products go beyond simply being good for the environment. Choosing to buy sustainably can improve your quality of life and help conserve the environment for everyone. Furthermore, millennials and Generation Z are particularly interested in purchasing environmentally friendly products, which is unsurprising given how negatively poor environmental conditions have influenced these generations in the past and will continue to do so in the future. 

According to a recent study, 65% to 70% of shoppers below the age of thirty choose brands that follow ethical principles and are transparent. Several brands have recognized the significance of sustainability in the last decade and have legitimately answered customer needs for environmentally sustainable practices. L’ANZA Healing Hair Color and Care is one of these brands producing sustainable, eco-friendly items for conscious consumers.

L’ANZA provides a healing foundation for all hair types by producing eco-friendly, cruelty-free, sustainably sourced, technologically advanced products with high-quality ingredients. Their haircare products are free of sulfates, parabens, gluten, and more. The brand reduces its carbon footprint by developing packaging like their 100% recycled aluminum tubes and ocean-bound waste PCR products. Ranked #4 out of 500 as one of the fastest-growing beauty brands on Instagram in March 2022, L’ANZA is a top leader in the color and care beauty industry on social media, e-commerce, and in salons.

L’ANZA emphasizes education, ensuring its users know how to use their products properly and thus, create shinier, healthier hair. Ultimately, L’ANZA proves care for its customers through its service and products and wants them to shop with confidence. L’ANZA Global Color Director, Leah Freeman won the prestigious Behind the Chair #ONESHOT’s Creative Color Shot of the Year award in 2018, while L’ANZA’s Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment won Hair Magazine’s Best Hair Oil Award early this year.

Though an impactful force in the professional beauty industry, L’ANZA has faced numerous challenges, which its small size has influenced. Therefore, working with a smaller team and big hats to wear, everyone plays a critical role in growing the company. This unity of purpose has enabled the brand to form a solid drive, from the quality of products to branding. 

Essentially, once people try L’ANZA, they are hooked on the results and become future buyers. They are continually expanding their community of influencers, professionals, and more to increase brand awareness through product samplings and more.

L’ANZA is growing quickly in all aspects, and the team is excited to continue to inspire professionals and consumers by producing healthy and sustainable products for beautiful hair. They are in the advanced stages of launching direct-to-consumer during the summer of 2022. This is a huge endeavor for the brand since L’ANZA has mainly been geared towards professionals since it was founded. 

L’ANZA’s B.I.G. goals for the next few years are to grow their professional and consumer audiences. L’ANZA wants to be a catalyst for stylists, trainers, and consumers to believe in their vision for a more beautiful world and self. 

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