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The world has entered the third decade of the 21st century. It is an era when everything is switching to the digital realm. From shopping to university classes – every sector has embraced online platforms. Just like other sectors, sports betting is also available on online platforms. Gamblers around the world can easily access esports betting while watching live games. Esports gaming has been popular for years, but it experienced great success after the covid-19 pandemic. Most businesses suffered from financial crises and faced huge losses due to the lockdown situations worldwide. However, esports tournaments and competitions gained much popularity. Gamers around the world started participating in competitions to win real cash prizes. Not just the gamers but fans also started to take an interest in watching the live streaming of esports games. The online platforms provide live streaming and betting services for fans and gamblers. One such platform is Luckbox, which provides online betting services for punters. The platform also provides online casino games for gamblers worldwide.

Esports betting has become popular in the past few years. Investors, businesses, and gamblers invest money in the esports games, such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, and various others. Gamers play games to win rewards; fans watch live streaming of games to learn the techniques and enjoy games. However, gamblers watch live streaming games to make decisions for betting. Luckbox enables people to gamble with real money on esports tournaments. The huge interest of gamers, fans, and gamblers has brought the esports gaming industry to new heights of success.

There are millions of fans of conventional sports, such as Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey, and Horseracing. Gamblers have been betting on these traditional sports for years. However, in the past few years, esports betting has also won the attention of gamblers. People take a keen interest in watching the live games and bet accordingly. The increased scope has convinced the investors to join the platform and start betting on esports games. The rise of esports betting has opened great opportunities for gamers to participate in the tournaments. A wide range of gamers around the world takes a keen interest to enter the esports competitions. The tournament organizers make maximum profits due to several factors, including the advertisement, sponsorships, entry fees, and esports betting.

Luckbox initially offered esports betting and sports betting. However, the esports betting company has added one more feature – an online casino. Because of the increasing scope of the online casino market, the platform has launched its online casino feature for gamblers and gamers. Researchers suggest that the online casino industry will be $160 billion worth by 2026. The recent launch of online casinos has won the center of attention of gamblers. The platform offers all types of casinos that gamblers can play online. However, every game has a different feature. Depending on the gamblers’ preferences and budget, they can play games accordingly.

The interest of gamers and gamblers has made the esports betting industry grow to new heights of success. The esports industry brings a win-win situation for every stakeholder; gamers earn real cash awards by winning rewards, gamblers and investors make a huge amount of money by playing esports betting and online casino games, and the organizers make money from advertising and sponsorship and membership fees.

Luckbox is an online esports betting platform that has brought online betting to new heights of success. Fans and gamers around the world use this platform to experience live streaming of various esports tournaments. The platform offers live streaming and betting facilities for both mobile and desktop. One can easily access the games through their laptops or smartphones. The gamblers watch the live games in order to make smart betting decisions. They can bet on various things, such as winning, losing, the first kill, or the highest score. Luckbox is a reputable betting platform for bettors worldwide.

The betting platforms provide streaming services for various games, such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, League of Legends, and many more. Luckbox was founded in 2016. The Isle of Man-based esports betting platform is operated by Real Luck Group Limited – a Calgary-based company. Luckbox received the recognition of a Rising Star at the EGR operator awards, making it a reputable platform for gambling.

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