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10 questions you should never ask a magician 

We asked magician Tatiana Fedotova from Los Angeles, CA, what questions irritate her:

“Can you make him/her disappear?” is my personal favourite. Different magicians specialise in other things, and mine is mentalism, so I don’t do disappearing acts. I read minds and predict things, which is why this question doesn’t apply to me, leaving me with nothing to do but smile. However, I am frequently asked this question.

Can you demonstrate/teach me how it works/how you did it? Hmmm, magicians are a secret society, and we have a code to keep our secrets to ourselves. You could, however, learn magic.

Could you please cut me in half? This is related to the first question. Again, we have different specialities, and this is beyond my capabilities.

“Musician?” I understand that people don’t come across magicians every day, but I don’t play any instruments; I’m a magician, and you’ve heard it all before.

Are you a magician’s assistant or a magician yourself? (Because I’m a lady.) Yes, being a female magician is extremely rare, but we exist!

“How did you find out about it?” Yes, of course, Hogwarts School.

“A magician is always hired at my children’s kindergarten; I can give them your card.” I know magic is associated with children, but just because I’m a magician doesn’t mean I’ll do a children’s show. It is preferable to hire a magician who only performs for children for children’s events.

“Can you repeat this trick?” Why would you want the same thing again when we have so many tricks to share?

“Have you seen that magician in a mask?” “How do you feel about him?” We magicians don’t give a damn about him. After a while, the audience would have forgotten.

“I know how to do it.” Okay, but let’s keep this a secret together.Image

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