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Adventure Travel with Dan Blanchard Brings Intrigue and Excitement to Explorers

Life on the sea is a dream come true for Captain Dan Blanchard, owner, and CEO of UnCruise Adventures. He grew up in nature, learning and exploring all her wonders. His curiosity has taken him around the world and offered him an opportunity to share his passion with countless others, as he encourages them to develop a love for exploration and excitement.  

Dan grew up on the sea, becoming a National Boatswain at 16, and obtaining his Master’s License at just 18. His experience spans many sea-faring ventures, including captaining sight-seeing ships and cruises. Adventure travel is at the heart of Dan’s work and now he shares that passion through UnCruise Adventures.

As a small ship adventure company, UnCruise Adventures maintains the ability to connect with their guests on a personal level, providing the opportunity to see travel in a new way, filled with laughter and excitement, staying true to their mission and guests. “Break Up with Boring,” is one of their signature phrases, and a promise to take guests far from the shores of the mundane and into the depths of intrigue.

With over 35 years of experience, Dan Blanchard is a leader in the small ship and adventure industry. “As a long-time entrepreneur, he also is the face of his brand at, inspiring travelers at any age to get out and explore nature and wildlife,” a company spokesperson says of Dan’s drive to invigorate the livelihood of all adventurers.

Dan enjoys the luxury of providing travel in an intimate group setting, allowing for personal connections to nature. This is due in part to the small size of his ship’s itineraries. While he doesn’t plan to take the business to a larger scale, he does plan to add new destination offerings to give guests a one-of-a-kind experience and to support measures that provide adventure travel companies with more significant representation in lawmaking processes and recognition.

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