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The JLC Family – Jazz and Laurent’s Big Move to Los Angeles!

Photo: Alisdja

Star couple of the JCL Family TV show Jazz and Laurent have reportedly moved to the stunning city of Los Angeles. Only just a few days ago, the couple was snapped celebrating their arrival in Los Angeles at Paris Tokyo, a trendy, exclusive restaurant situated in the heart of Beverly Hills.

The couple’s move has been linked to the filming of Season 6 of the JLC Family reality TV show, a top-rated series in France that has exceeded a whopping 20 million viewers during its last season. Anyone aware of this show can safely say that Season 6 has been highly anticipated by viewers, with Jazz and Laurent just being two of the stars lighting up French screens.

There have been rumors that, after having lived in Dubai for several years, Jazz and Laurent decided to pack their bags and settle the project in a new and exciting sprawling Southern Californian city. Jazz and Laurent have picked an upscale location ideal for generating even more publicity concerning their show. After all, Los Angeles is at the centre of the US’s film and television industry. Their new home is even located near the iconic Hollywood sign and an impressive array of studios like Paramount Pictures. Los Angeles is a loyal and safe home to a multitude of stars, with Jazz and Laurent being just two recently added to this glorious mix.

Photo: Alisdja

The star couple has already looked for a sublime house situated on the heights of Beverly Hills, an exclusive, private neighborhood notorious all over the globe for its residents’ wealth and success. With Jazz and Laurent’s success on the JLC Family show so far, it’s no surprise that the jaw-dropping realty prices have not caused this celebrity couple to back out of a moving opportunity.

From witnessing family bonding moments in Dubai to their trips to Thailand, viewers will be reunited with the whole JLC Family soon in Season 6, including Jazz and Laurent themselves, as well as their beautiful children, Chelsea and Cayden. 

So, what are Jazz and Laurent’s plans if they end up living in Los Angeles for good? Will this star couple’s American dream come true? You will undoubtedly need to follow this case…

You never know – you may find that following this couple’s lifestyle can add more anticipation and spice to your own! To keep up to date with everything you need to know about this couple and the JLC Family TV show, check out Jazz and Laurent’s social network profiles, which you can access and follow by using the links below:



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