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Lordthelight released his new surprising Album

“International Emotions”

There is a big surprise in the new generation of the italian songwriters, an unusual artist appears who speaks only in english in his songs. His birth name is Lorenzo La Luce (aka Lordthelight), born in 1996 in Genova, blue eyes with brown hair, elegant look and a warm captivating voice. After various experimental singles that touched different sounds, his new Album, “International Emotions”, released April 1st, contains twenty songs with various foreign collaborations from four different continents. The Project surpassed more than 300.000 streams in less than a month & has thousands of listeners from around the world especially in the US, Germany & UK.

Why did you choose such unusual collaborations?
“The album was ready at the beginning of summer 2021, but I felt that something was missing. So I decided to become a talent scout & thanks also to socials, I found several talented international artists, who appreciated my songs so much, that they wanted to enrich my tracks, sending me their own verse right away. It was the classic cherry on top ”.

 Who are the features on the Album?
“Julieta Sol a spanish singer-songwriter, Judicious Broski a japanese rapper, VM2 an english rapper, Janessa an american singer-songwriter. And three italians: Giada a singer, Urban Yang a producer & songwriter, and Bumo a rapper. I found a great emphaty with all of them & I thank these artists from the bottom of my heart: they really immersed in my world”.

 What do your songs say?
“They talk about the many and universal emotions of our existence, sometimes in conflict with each other and always unpredictable: peace, love, friendship, joy and pain. In a word, Life. I don’t believe in songwriters who, even for a few minutes, think they can turn into politicians with easy messages. It would be a satisfaction for me to make my listeners feel a moment of serenity during the day, to let them into my imaginary for a while, where they will feel welcomed”.

The lyrics are exclusively in english: why?
“I rely on english because, in my opinion, it is the most musical and well-known language in the world. I was lucky to learn it from an early age, together with german. English allows me to reach a much wider audience & makes my writing easier. After all, it is a choice that pays off: I can see it at any time on my Iphone, thanks to real-time audience data. My music is been heard above all in the US, Germany, UK, France, Brasil, Japan & many more countries worldwide ”.

Who produced the record?
“Urban Yang, a young genoese is the author of twelve instrumentals, I met him in his studio in Quezzi (a neighbourhood in Genova) a few years ago and since that day he has always produced high-quality beats for me. The other two producers, authors of four instrumentals each, are: B.O.N.A. a longtime friend, an artist with a great musical culture and Da Sauce, my cousin, a novice beatmaker of remarkable talent, always searching for new sounds”.

You published the music video of “Far Away”. Why did you choose this song?
“Far Away was the most complete and elaborate video of my career. It was shot from December to February between Istanbul and a new photographic studio in Turin, called Kitrooms. Directed & edited by me, written with Riccardo Giangreco, a dear friend graduated in literature. It tells the story of a strong friendship, that suffers from distance. Among many ups and downs, real and dreamlike journeys, the protagonists find themselves, at the end, in their city of origin with greater awareness”.

What are you next projects?
“I have a new Album already mastered by my golden sound engineer Demo, with many other collaborations with talented artists overseas: it will be the second chapter of the journey started with “International Emotions”. Then I would like to explore new musical genres, represent them visually in an innovative way, look for new ideas, expand my horizons.
I never stop writing, it’s almost a physical need. I believe that music has the necessity to continuous study & especially a very strong passion. The answer is: trying and trying again, you always get better, never stop!”. 

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