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A New Guide for Healing: How Carol Collins Promotes Holistic Health and Wellness Through Spirit Guides

If therapy is not your thing, it may be time to give channeled reading a chance. Carol Collins, also known as The Pittsburgh Medium, allows spirit guides to use her voice to help others find clarity and relief in their everyday life. 

These spirit guides, known to Collins as The Jeshua Collective, present themselves with Collins’ voice while she is in a meditative trance. Jeshua then uses Collins as a channel to verbally express messages and teachings about life’s purposes and healing. It is through these teachings that Collins was inspired to start the Jeshua Center for Intuitive Studies in 2021 and organize her “On Knowing” events for 2022-2023. 

While she is known as The Pittsburgh Medium, Collins is more than the mediums we see on television. She describes herself as a channeler. A channeler is also a medium, but a medium is not a channeler. The thing that makes Collins’ gift different from that of a medium is that Collins has the ability to allow these guides to communicate directly through trance communication.

It all began while Collins practiced meditation. After 9 months of practice, guides began to come through to her in a two-way dialogue, where she would speak, and they would respond by writing responses in the air using her nose. Eventually, the guides asked if they could use her voice and words began to spill out of Collins. Since then, the guides, known as Jeshua, have worked through Collins as a channel for communicating their knowledge and wisdom to those who need it. 

Collins has since taken her gift and started an organization in which people can learn about connecting with their own spirit guides and experience private readings with Jeshua. It is in these readings that clients can spend 30 or 60 minutes in a two-way conversation with these source beings. Jeshua is able to give specific and accurate answers to clients’ burning questions, regarding their life path, health, and well-being. 

The Jeshua Collective are also able to give clients structured guidance on what they wish to heal in their life, leaving many with a sense of relief. These guides are also able to point clients toward any negative energy in their body, discovering bad habits or health issues and suggesting how clients should resolve these problems. It is not just a focus on one’s spiritual health, but a more holistic approach that heals the mind and body. 

The Jeshua Collective are master teachers of The Essential Material, which they have described as four major areas of learning: the foundational material, the law of personal reality, the art of self-healing, and unfoldment into channeling and intuitive development. It is through these different categories that clients are able to learn not only how to find their spirit guides, but also how to manifest more positive outcomes in their own life. 

Collins has a 2-day workshop on The Essential Material titled The Powerfulness of Source Energy Live Workshops. Workshops will take place in various cities across the United States in 2022, including Orlando in September, Boston in October, and Anaheim in November. This workshop will include conversation, dialog with your guide, higher self, alongside the Jeshua Collective and the master teachers that come forward to teach each segment. 

Collins’ life has completely transformed since practicing the teachings of The Essential Material and communicating with Jeshua. She sees her practice as a personal relationship with the guides, seeking advice that shapes her daily practices and routine. Since communicating with Jeshua, her mental and physical ailments have disappeared. She communicates with Jeshua every day to ensure healing in her own life, and the lives of her clients. 

For more information or to register for private readings and workshops, visit her website at

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