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Meet Charles Lew, the Lesser-Known Driver Behind LA’s Burgeoning Restaurant Scene

By Darby Jones

With more than 1.3 million lawyers in the U.S, it is vital for each attorney to stand out amongst the competition. While most attorneys specialize in one facet of law, some especially-talented attorneys have amassed great notability for wearing more than one hat. To the good fortune of many Los Angeles entrepreneurs and celebs spanning dozens of different industries- Charles Lew of The Lew Firm is that be-all-do-all lawyer. From world-champion boxers, to restaurateurs, clothing designers, and real estate moguls- there was no shortage of clients in need of help in their many endeavors. We don’t often imagine an attorney is at the helm of LA’s top restaurant concepts, but alas, one is.

Having a particularly intense work ethic, Lew doubles as an entrepreneur and restaurateur himself, offering unparalleled wisdom to clients as they seek to grow their business in LA’s burgeoning scene. Seven years ago, Lew took a chance on an expansive but dilapidated warehouse in DTLA, believing it would become the heart of a someday arts district. Today we know that warehouse to be the popular and loved, ‘Boomtown Brewery’, in a fully-realized arts district, no less. Lew is at the helm of expanding many of his client’s top-tier concepts to the DTLA scene, including melt-in-your-mouth sushi restaurant ‘Kaviar’ by Chef John Yeo, and UK’s very famous ‘Bike Shed Motorcycle Club’- both coming soon to DTLA.

Did we say double? We meant triple. Lew is also LA City’s ‘Small Business Commissioner’ and serves on several advisory boards such as Mental Health America Los Angeles, Adopt Together, Scottish Business Network, and Loyola Law School.

During the darkest days of the pandemic, with Los Angeles holding fast to some of the strictest mandates in the nation, The Lew Firm helped LA’s favorite businesses navigate their way out of the storm and avoid permanent closure. With clients like Aureta, Èlephante, Hotel Erwin, Gabriel Rosado, and Fia– Charles is not only on the cutting-edge of boutique representation, but has become an integral part of the very heartbeat of Los Angeles.

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