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Transforming The Business World Through Digital Marketing—The Journey of Ayman Kaddoura

Ayman Kaddoura, a Dubai-based digital marketing professional, has been creating waves for quite some time. His digital marketing firm, The Bridge Technology, has made a name for itself in the industry and has been able to assist several firms in getting the most out of their operations.

Ayman’s greatest pull as a person is his one-of-a-kind ideas that led him to become such a huge success story. “I have been actively involved with pay-per-click campaigns and advertisements, building and managing them. I know how to use Google Adwords and Facebook marketing. Our goal is to maximize performance while staying within the client’s budget. We make monthly changes to get the desired outcomes. I can also provide original material for third-party content distribution.” Ayman said while sharing digital marketing advice with the public.

Ayman Kaddoura holds various certifications and licenses, including an Advanced Professional Course in Digital Marketing from the DigiGyan Institute of Professional Training. He has a mind that aspires to be the best in digital marketing. In 2013, the Telecommunication Union honored him with an Honor of Service award. Later that year, he passed the Social Media Marketing Certification Exam. Ayman Kaddoura honed his marketing skills through constant learning and receiving professional training. He still believes that he has a lot more to achieve and a long way to go. Ayman has a down-earth personality with a firm belief that he can help people and their businesses to flourish.

Early Days in Marketing

“When I first began, I was confident that I would not go farther than the analytical side of things, but as time went on, I realized that everything in digital marketing is interconnected: if you want to work in the social media marketing field, you must grasp how content works. Graphic design and web development play a part in this as well. Even though I am not an expert in every field – because I have so many amazing people working with me – I believe that anyone who wants to work in the digital marketing industry should spend time learning about the roles and responsibilities of each domain so that when they are creating a brand for a business or running a campaign, they can do so effectively.”

Ayman has spent a significant amount of time educating himself with the most up-to-date industry information. He worked for various companies with different responsibilities throughout his career, but one constant has been that they have all assisted him in his development, and he learned as much as he could through them.

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