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The Quantum of Quantum: The Joshua Bloom Book

Recently I was referred to the book The Ultimate Answer…Is Inside (yes, that’s the actual title, ellipsis, and everything) with the Foreword written by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., whom I have admired from afar for awhile now. One of the book’s central themes is the world of quantum, and for those of you who don’t understand this world, it is, in fact, quite fascinating. So fascinating that universities, companies, and entrepreneurs alike have dedicated millions of hours and billions of dollars to it.

One of the many aspects of quantum is centered around what is happening at an atomic and subatomic level. Some say this first really started with physicist Max Planck when he presented his quantum theory to the scientific community of the German Physical Society. Planck had sought to discover why radiation from a glowing body changes in color from red to orange and, finally, to blue as its temperature increases. Planck found that by proving his assumption that energy existed in separate units in the same way that matter does, and not just as a constant electromagnetic wave that they were in a sense quantifiable hence the name quantum theory.

Still, reading? I know I lost a few people there, but for those of you that are still reading and nerding out like I am, you appreciate the coolness of scientific discoveries. Of course, that’s only the tip of the iceberg or tip of the metaphorical multi-color flame. From there, theories and advances were made in everything from quantum mechanics to quantum physics to quantum computing.

Then comes this book by Joshua Bloom, with the help of many doctors and other experts, that really dives deep into the quantum of our being. Not only is the answer inside, the power lives there as well, and I’m not just referring to the obvious either. We all know that we have something inside us but knowing what it is, how it works, and maybe even what we are made of proves to be empowering.

Bruce H. Lipton, who wrote the Foreword to the book, is a scientist specializing in quantum biology, where there is a focus on cells in our DNA that create our body. He was a teacher in med school, and during his time there, he began to do his own research to prove that many of the things taught in doctoring are wrong. Yes, very controversial for sure. As he found this out, he shared it with his colleagues and said, “I have what’s right, and we need to update what’s being taught.” As you can imagine, his peers shut that down quickly, and one overall theme was a reaction that they didn’t want to rewrite the textbooks. He learned how hard it is to change the system, the politics of the medical industry, and the biased nature that exists. Dr. Lipton quit teaching at a medical school, and then he approached other forms of treatment like chiropractic, where he could also have a holistic approach. They were big listeners, and he is now booked many years out for what he calls the healing arts. It’s quite a feather in the cap of this book to have such an endorsement.

The book makes a powerful case for true transformation through things like vibrations, frequency, and energy. It’s what I would call the science of “woo-woo .” It’s the law of attraction and more, with some pretty powerful arguments about the superhuman abilities that lay dormant inside almost all of us. It’s as if the fact that we only use 10% of our brain was followed up with the idea that the way we access the rest of it all and more begins with a world of quantum. That’s what makes the book so valuable. It’s the thought-provoking pieces to the puzzle with the picture on the box so that you can see how it all goes together.

You won’t get too much out of me and not because I don’t want to spoil the ending for you but because the curiosity and the pursuit of wisdom because of it is where the real inner transformation comes to life. Read The Ultimate Answer…Is Inside: Everyone Is Searching For It, Few People Claim To Find It, Most Seem To Miss It and I believe this book will transform you. Actually, you could even skim paragraphs of any page in the book, and the pearls of wisdom will allow you to transcend the lesser version of yourself as you start to step into the best versions of yourself.

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