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You Can Get a Permanent Non-Surgical Nose Job, Thanks to TrueNose!

TrueNose Clinic in Los Angeles

TrueNose is one of the “rising” science-based clinics located in Los Angeles, California, specializing in various non-surgical aesthetic procedures, including nose jobs.

TrueNose was co-founded by CEO Menaka Sampath, with the goal of providing patients with a safer, faster alternative to surgical rhinoplasty, at an affordable price point.

Menaka Sampath, Co-Founder of TrueNose

To achieve this goal, Menaka Sampath decided to put to use the expertise of Dr. Alexander Z. Rivkin, who is a renowned Medical Doctor having 25+ years of experience in private sector practice. He is also an associate clinical professor at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine.

Menaka Sampath, with her experience in growing emerging direct-to-consumer brands, and Dr. Alexander Rivkin, with his expertise and knowledge, have taken TrueNose to the next level. As Ms. Sampath said, We believe everyone should have the freedom to eliminate barriers to confidence.” 

Until now, individuals looking to aesthetically alter their noses can either go for a surgical operation, which is costly and painful, or a non-surgical nose job, which is painless yet temporary. TrueNose now offers these people the best of both worlds.

TrueNose clinic in Los Angeles

With cutting-edge technology and premium quality, FDA-approved fillers, the nose job is done with expert care and delicacy. As the procedure is non-surgical, it has “zero downtime” which is worth mentioning. This means that the patient does not need to recover in a hospital and is ready to go once the procedure is completed.

TrueNose’s most extraordinary services are possible and within your reach without a hefty price tag. Customers may pay in installments as low as $160 per month over 36 months with a 0% interest.

The TrueNose clinic is warm and inviting, putting anxious patients at ease. The entire TrueNose team is well-trained, courteous, and compassionate to everyone that comes through the door. With TrueNose’s staff, you will always feel like you’re in good hands!

TrueNose is steadily rising in the ranks of aesthetic options due to its award-winning customer service and personalized treatment for all of its patients. The treatments are done the first time correctly, so there is no expectancy of botched fillers.

TrueNose has, without a doubt, reinvented self-care by integrating advanced technology in order to provide the most optimal path to self-confidence.

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