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Phil Mitchell Band announces the Release of New Music “Give to the Galaxy”

“Give to the Galaxy” features a vocal duet with a soaring guitar solo.  The song follows the previous release “Chicago Holiday” album by the Phil Mitchell Band back in October. The song features Phil Mitchell and Gabriela Noriega in a duet on lead vocals.

“We are always exploring new ways to express our music,” said Phil Mitchell   “Across the Danube” was released with the album. It is a song that features Natasha Shayenne from the Ukraine on lead vocals and Alvaro Soto on lead guitar.  “The song is a perfect example of how we were reaching out”, said Phil. ” I wrote the song about crossing the Danube River in the Ukraine.  It is such a big river that you either make it across or you perish.” Phil explained that only later did he find out that Natasha grew up on the Danube River or a war would break out.  “It caught us all by surprise,” explained Phil.  “Natasha was in Kyiv when it started and finally ended up in Odessa.  People from Mariupol were crossing the Danube River to go safely into Romania.”  With a beautiful vocal and Pink Floyd like guitar solos, the song really stands out and asks the question of “Why?”.

“Give to the Galaxy” is a new venture by the band.  Phil explained, “I looked at the war and planet and realized that we should be preserving all life here.  If others can do it in the galaxy, why can’t we?”   Earth Day is coming up on April 25.  Phil added, “If people would just spend one trip looking at the stars and all that beauty, they would realize that we are just as beautiful as a planet.  It is worth fighting for its survival in the future.”  Phil Mitchell Quote: “The planets and sun are there to help support life on Earth.  We are just part of a garden that surrounds a Living Spring.  It is life itself that is the driving force of the Universe.  It is up to us to help preserve this garden.”  The quote inspired Phil to write the song.

This is the fifth album by the band. With over 66 songs, Phil has written about every type of music.  The “Chicago Holiday” album has such a variety and brings a reminder of the that local brass sound with a rocking beat.  “I just keep writing,” explained Phil. “I was so lucky to work with so many good singers and guitar players.”  Known for his ability to go beyond and really reach your heart.  Sometimes, people compare Phil to Bob Dylan.  He is a guy who is just trying to capture the time.  With albums like “Morning Star,” “America,” “Crossroads,” “A Better World”, and “Chicago Holiday,” it is easy to see that Phil had some vision to his writing.  Some of the songs just leave you stunned.  “Give to Galaxy” is one of those songs that you just want to play, sit back, and cherish the moment because you don’t know how long it will last. 

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