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Ice Link Believes That Subtle Distinctions Go A Long Way In Building A Brand

In today’s market, a distinguished brand is all but necessary to outshine your competition. There is a subtle distinction between what you do and why you exist, and that distinction makes all the difference in the long term. For IceLink, they might be creators of luxury jewelry and watches, but their purpose and their message goes far beyond what they do.

At age 16, Suzy Sogoyan, founder of Ice Link, decided to take the same path as her father, Andy. She joined the family business in jewelry and immediately discovered a passion for luxury accessories and for servicing the people who shared the same passion for luxury. When she took over the company and worked side by side with Andy as a father-daughter venture, she learned some major things that helped shape IceLink into the company it is today. Through a major rebranding process, IceLink has a goal to encourage people and give them strength. From their jewelry design, to their social media presence, even their logo, IceLink is about creating connections with people. “We wanted IceLink to be a welcoming, unique, and different brand. If you know the IceLink logo, it symbolizes that you can rise above it all. You can shift gears and welcome others,” says Suzy. Sogoyan.

When rebranding, IceLink had to uncover their vision and beliefs, then decide how to show them to the world. They believe in being human. IceLink hasn’t completely abandoned the traditions of the luxury jewelry industry, but they have also taken a more transparent approach than most. They keep their clients in the know by maintaining a strong social media presence as well as sending emails with photos and videos. They go the extra mile for their clients by staying in communication through emails, text, and direct messages. 

IceLink operates and leads with family values. Not only is their team family, but they consider clients their family, too. Which is apparent by the amount of repeat business they experience and the customer satisfaction they consistently achieve. They support each other, empower each other, and encourage one another. For Suzy and Andy, trust is a two-way street, so they encourage client feedback and even take recommendations for new pieces. They attribute everything they have to their clients–their IceLink family. “My intention for IceLink isn’t just for my love and passion for jewelry and watches, it’s for creating with purpose and using my skill and craft to connect with others,” says Suzy Sogoyan.

IceLink is also committed to giving back to the community. One of their most notable projects is Christian’s Toy Drive, an annual toy drive benefiting children in Armenia battling cancer.

Find out more about Ice Link by visiting their Instagram, @icelinkofficial

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