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For Oscar Stone, The Word No Should Never Stop You From Achieving Your Dreams

Your mindset and how you respond to situations will ultimately determine your direction in life. For Oscar Stone, it has been his relentless attitude and persistence that have made his high-end jewelry business, Oscar Stone NYC, one of the most sought after retailers in New York City. At the young age of 27, he’s done business with prestigious and notable clients and is looking to expand to wardrobes across the world.

Reaching the outstanding heights that he has, did not come easy, it came with a lot of hard work and discipline. Discipline that he learned from his family at an early age. Oscar comes from a family of Peruvian immigrants who made their way to the US in the mid-80’s. They embodied the American Dream as they built a successful life for themselves. Oscar’s dad was an entrepreneur, owning a pawn shop, and had dreams of Oscar joining the family business as an adult. However, Oscar initially had different plans. He planned on building a secure path as a financial analyst, but eventually decided to work for his father, curious to see where the path would take him. “I took over the family business at the very young age of 20, and since then I have done everything to grow the business. After a short and very successful start to my career, I could not see myself doing anything else,” says Oscar Stone.

At the beginning of his journey, Oscar found his age and lack of experience to be a challenge. He had to earn the respect of employees and potential clients who didn’t take him seriously. Even with all of his good intentions, he discovered he didn’t possess the skills of more experienced people in his field. But Oscar spent his childhood exposed to jewelry and involved in the gold industry. He pursued diamond jewelry on his own because of the earnings potential. Oscar became a GIA Accredited Gemologist and expert in all things hip-hop jewelry.

Oscar Stone NYC suffered its most critical setback in the summer of 2020 when it was looted and wrecked during the height of the George Floyd protests. Devastated, Oscar feared this was the end of his jewelry business. But as a true testament to his character, he turned it around. “Heart broken and close to closing my doors for good, I decided to rally my strength alongside my team and family and reopen in only two weeks,” says Oscar Stone.

Oscar and his family have been perfecting the jewelry business for over 50 years. Their plan is to continue to strive for the absolute best for their customers and continue going the extra mile every day. Next, he plans to open a large retail location to provide the very best designs to his clients. Follow his journey and learn more about his incredible pieces on his Instagram, @oscarstonedyckman

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