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Cyrus Nazari’s Designs Are Not Like Other Brands. They’re Better.

Cyrus Nazari continues to produce gorgeous apparel to match the vibe and lifestyle of the classic LA woman. In this, he emphasizes comfort without sacrificing style. His pieces are bold, sexy, and high-end. His diverse collection allows customers to compile an entire wardrobe that can serve appropriate for any and all occasions.

Cyrus utilizes diverse textiles, luxurious fabrics, and strong designs to construct his clothing line. He gains inspiration from many different sources, but proves to be most inspired by the strength and beauty of women.

Nazari explains of his carefully-curated line: “There are many themes of confidence, sex appeal and freedom in my designs because that is how I think of women, or at least what I believe appeals to strong women.”

Nazari maintains a highly meticulous nature to create all of his designs. This attention to detail ensures his clothes’ continuous quality and beauty. All of this leads to consistent customer satisfaction.

There is an intense focus on creating pieces that flatter those wearing them. He spends a considerable amount of time ensuring that the materials he utilizes will flow with the female shape. Though fast fashion companies are rising in popularity, they continue to deliver unflattering, ill-fitting, cheap pieces that contrast starkly with high-end clothing from designers like Cyrus Nazari.

In addition to fast-fashion companies creating clothing without the wearer in mind, they also prove detrimental to the environment. In a time where the environment should be the central focus of our mind, purchasing from these fast-fashion companies does not fit this sustainable agenda. 

Other than Nazari’s pieces being considerably more flattering than those of fast-fashion companies, they are also intensely more environmentally-friendly. Nazari’s line keeps the environment constantly in mind, ensuring that his practices emphasize sustainability.

Their website explains one practice that aids in their environmentally-friendly efforts: “We at Cyrus Nazari, continue to pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality garments and minimizing the carbon footprint by manufacturing 100% of our designs within the borders of the USA.”

Cyrus Nazari is proof that fashion does not have to be detrimental to the environment. In addition to keeping their manufacturing in the bounds of the USA, the brand also ensures that they follow strict OHSA regulations and standards within their facilities and operations, keep a strict focus on recycling as much as possible, and consistently inform employees about environmentally friendly practices.

Not only has Nazari produced a gorgeous, diverse, and sustainable line, but has done so with grace, precision, and focus. He has proved to be an unstoppable force in the fashion industry and will continue to showcase his talent and passion throughout his career.

On his advice to aspiring designers, Nazari shares, “Learn very early that you are unique and different, and that’s what should show in your work. At the same time, no one ever got anywhere without hard work and the skill set to put a vision into reality. Work on your craft every day. Trends will change, the quality of your work should never.”

To learn more about Cyrus Nazari and to purchase his pieces, visit

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