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Rising LA Music Producer SpaceNTime Lands a 2-Year Publishing Deal

SpaceNTime is a California-based music producer who started his career at the young age of 18. From day one, SpaceNTime hustled hard to become what he is today. His work has been strongly influenced by DJ Paul, Juicy J, DJ Quik, Scott Storch, and Dr. Dre.

SpaceNTime has produced several records that have all garnered over a million plays/views on different platforms. His most notable hits include charted tracks on Itunes’ top 40 hip-hop albums in the country, peaking at number 14 on two separate occasions with two different projects. (Pacman da Gunman – “60th st” reached #14 and Pacman da Gunman – “Esta Loca Vida Mia” reached #4). SpaceNTime has also had the opportunity to work with other talented artists, including LA’s hottest up-and-coming artist Ralfy The Plug, from Stinc Team. Ralfy The Plug is a uniquely gifted musical talent and one destined for more success in the industry.

Recently, SpaceNTime announced a career-changing opportunity where he landed a publishing deal with Opposition Music Company to produce and publish all his work. The two-year deal will see SpaceNTime landing major placements, including Horizon.

“I was offered an advance but decided to turn that down and sign a 2-year deal with them after working with several well-known artists within the LA and CA hip-hop scene,” says Spacey.

The deal can be termed a crowning SpaceNTime success. His versatility in production and incorporation of modern sounds makes him a dominant force in the scene. It’s a unique technique that allows him to create original melodies with a specific sound. SpaceNTime also takes pride in his exceptional keyboard skills used for his melodies, skills that make him the producer to beat. These skills earned him three plaques in two years, among them 2 with iTunes and one with Billboard.

Though on a busy schedule, SpaceNTime never lacks time to share some words of wisdom with the next generation of music stars.

“Work hard and don’t get caught up in your emotions and focus on the money, and don’t wait for the perfect time to say now you are ready because you will never be ready until you start putting yourself to the test. For example, you can’t think you are NBA-ready when you haven’t shot a basketball in over a year,” SpaceNTime advises.

SpaceNTime’s success is also the result of many hours of hard work, even when some people doubted his abilities. According to him, he turned the hate and negativity thrown his way into fuel to drive his path to success. He had to keep pushing continually until his dream came to life.

The Los Angeles hip-hop producer is looking forward to hitting higher levels of success. He aspires to continue making more great music and expand his international fan base. SpaceNTime is also excited to work with other top names in the hip-hop scene, including rising talents.

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